Mahogany Tree | Plantation, Best Price, Uses, Income

Mahogany Tree – Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income

Mahoganyplant is the Plant that grows the straight, grained, reddish-brown timber or teakwood. scientifically name is “Swietenia macrophylla but there are three types of species are- Swietenia macrophylla, Swietenia mahogany, and Swietenia humilis.

Swietenia species are mainly defined as “mahogany” this Mahogany is a commercially important lumber prized for its durability, beauty, and color, and used for paneling and mahogany tree uses to make furniture, musical instruments, boats, wooden flooring, and other items.

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Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income,mahogany tree price, mahogany tree price after 10 years,
Mahogany Tree leaves

The mahogany which grows in natural populations like in tropical jungles, Africa and Asia is a high-value timber tree known for its reddish-brown color, durability, strength, mainly in water resistance, and aesthetic appeal. this mahogany growth is around over 66-65 feet high and reaches around 3-4 feet in diameter.


From the past continuously increasing demand for hardwood timber, Mahogany offers a tax-effective investment in forestry which makes mahogany the most demanding timber plant in this tropical region. Mahogany is the best-prized timber tree of India. you can find this will be grown in almost every part of the country except the dry western zone.

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Black Soil Important

Now let’s see how we can all prepare for the mahogany tree plantation

Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income,mahogany tree price, mahogany tree price after 10 years,
Baby plants -mahogany tree price in, Mahogany Tree, mahogany tree plantation, Mahogany,Swietenia macrophylla


Land Preparation for mahogany(Swietenia macrophylla)

Before Preparing the Area we must have to know more about the mahogany growth system Search for a bright spot. Mahogany trees do best when planted in territories that get inclined toward full sun and avoid heavily shaded areas. the best result in warm climates. too many winters can easily damage or destroy mahogany trees. Think twice before planting mahogany if the climate reaches below temperatures of 39-40 degrees Fahrenheit

During the digging of the pit make sure that Dig pit of size 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5ft. , and should be thoroughly cleaned of weeds. Mix organic material into the hole. Add composted cow manure and topsoil to the hole, mixing it into the soil at the bottom and sides of the hole with a garden fork.

Check the soil. Mahogany can easily grow in a wide range of soil types
Most mahogany trees easily survive in any type of soil, Since mahogany trees have deep root systems, you should make sure that the soil you plant it in runs deep.

Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income,mahogany tree price, mahogany tree price after 10 years,
Mahogany Fruit -mahogany tree price in,Mahogany Tree,mahogany tree plantation,Mahogany,Swietenia macrophylla

Pit Filling & Spacing for mahogany tree plantation

The pits must be filled, as much as possible with the prepared organic pit mixture. If the topsoil is insufficient, little river sand can be used as an inert substitute, which also increases absorb water and ventilation. The pits must be filled at least 1.5 weeks before planting, to settle for the pit mixture. The recommended space for the plant in between with a dimension of 6.0 X 6.5 ft. if you want to prevent weeds you can Apply an herbicide Spray which helps to keep the growing area free from weeds for two years of growth but its not mandatory

Don’t disturb the roots system after removing the sapling. Stand the saple top upright in the center of the planting dig/hole. The roots should be completely under the soil. 

Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income,mahogany tree price after 10 years,
This is how tree growing in 2 years -mahogany tree price in cu ft ,Mahogany Tree,mahogany tree plantation,Mahogany,Swietenia macrophylla


After the plantation did immediately provide water. For the best results fill half of the hole with soil, then water this soil before proceeding after the water disappears, fill the remaining of the hole with additional soil and water again. first-month watering should be done alternate day. Hence, a water system should be possible once in 3 to 4 days relying on the dirt and climate conditions. 

Do not spread along the surface of the ground because Surface fertilization can result in weed growth.

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Fertilizer for mahogany tree plantation

Fertilizer should be applied in a sequential manner
During the First plantation, year apply a balanced fertilizer containing equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.N: P: K (17:17:17) and Micro mini Nutrients 175 gms. per Plant per month, except at the end of the year (Dec – Jan) period.

This has to be continued every month split and applied through manuring. Make a hole 1 ft. away from the base plants and the depth of the pit should not be more than 1 ft. have some fertilizer in the dig/hole and fill with the soil.

Micro mini nutrient application 1 gm per litter Of water, foliar application once in 20 days for the first year.

Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income
This is the specialty of this mahogany wood reddish-brown timber- mahogany tree price in cu ft , Mahogany Tree, mahogany tree plantation, Mahogany,Swietenia macrophylla

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Caring for Mahogany Tree plantation

The surrounding area must be cleaned of weeds and keep the soil loose around the plants for well ventilated

As i said above Mahogany can be grown on all the soils. but the quality of its growth depends on the moisture-holding capacity of the soil, depth, structure, and drainage. Mahogany required a mostly moist, warm tropical climate. but maximum & minimum shade temperatures of 28- 45. and well in rainfall zone of 1300-2400 mm. soil quality must be checked as calcium deficiency in the soil results in slow growth of Mahogany Planting since calcium content of the soil is the important factor

  • Utilize a nursery hose to water the soil around the tree once every week
  • During rainy seasons, Stop giving more water
  • Treat multiple times every year but not more than 3 times in a year. Feed the tree with a portion of manure in the spring, summer, and fall seasons, Utilize an equal granular compost for best outcomes
  • Pruning is required to prune very young mahogany branches. During the first two to six years of the tree’s life, yearly pruning is a must which can help control the height and spread of the tree.
  • Remove any branches that become bigger than 66% of the measurement of the focal trunk.
  • Watch out for pests. At the point when you spot such bugs, apply a pesticide to the area

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Harvesting, yield & Income

We have seen the highest growth recorded under plantation conditions in BIHAR and NEPAL. where the During the 10 years of age the height growth was 75 ft and diameter was 0.95 ft

If we could assume it at the age of 10 years of Mahogany’s average diameter is 0.95 Ft and height is 75 ft.

Almost 1200-1500 plants can be planted in 1 acre of land which can produce/yield of stem timber is around 32000 Cft timbers.

let’s take an example we can assume it produced a maximum of 18 Cft of timber in 10 years under the best management system with a maximum of 1500 trees per acre.

Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income
Finished Mahogany Wood – mahogany tree price in cu ft , Mahogany Tree, mahogany tree plantation, Mahogany,Swietenia macrophylla

Income After 10-11 Years, 1000 plants may give a return

Mahogany tree price in

A Tree Spacing Calculator which gives you a number of trees per acre and spacing between trees and tree rows

Now let’s assume we have done whatever is explained above regarding mahogany tree price (mahogany tree price in cu ft.)

(Calculation based on 1 acre)

Plant cost is 25-30 RS Per plant so total RS. 30,000 for 1000 plants

fertilizer cost –  per acre  for entire plant is Rs. 20,000

Labor charge – Rs. 20,000

Other expenses –  RS. 30,000

Now Suppose your mahogany’s height is 1 ft and 1 ft width and 20 lengths then total of 20 ft cubic feet wood produced (we will take minimum production that is 18 Cubic feet per Plant)

Type of expenses 1 acre (Income)
Total tree 1,000
Per tree Production in Cu. Ft. wood 18 cu. ft,
Total Production of 1000 plants in Cu. Ft. wood 18,000 cu. ft
Rs. 500/-per cu.ft  X 18000(mahogany tree price in cu ft) Rs.90,00,000
Expenses Deduction  
Plant cost Rs. 30,000
fertilizer cost Rs.20,000
labor charge Rs.20,000
other misc exp Rs.30,000
Net Income Rs.89,00,000

So if you could think about this you will be in profit of Rs. 89,00,000 lac               ($ 117,100)

mahogany tree price in cu ft = 18 cu. ft. per tree x Rs. 500/-per cu.ft=Rs 9000 x 1000 trees. – 90.00 Lacs 

Please note: above calculation, we have taken minimum as expected production from a 10-year-old Mahogany is more than 25 cu. ft. For calculation purposes, we have taken 18 cu. ft. also for the rate of Mahogany wood is expected to be in between Rs. 500 to  Rs. 1000 per cu. ft. Just for the safer side, we have taken a minimum rate i.e Rs. 500 per cu. ft.

If you are looking for Contract farming for mahogany plantation.

Today they will discuss more Mahogany trees plantation and their contract farming system in other there are lots of other companies are there which provided the contact farming but today they will discuss one company which basically aim to gain farmers as their company and this company has found other ways how a farmer can get more benefits from this contract farming

The company name is Chaturveda Ltd

SSL Agro offered contract farming of commercial forestry crops (mahogany trees) almost five years and a half ago. They had modest beginnings with a few farmers, but in past years they made significant efforts and strides in this field. At present they have a very large number of farmers cultivating furniture plants in thousands of acres in different states.

They established a unique contract mahogany trees cultivation model as below where their farmer’s friends are considered their partners.

  • Concentrate on the latest technical knowledge to improve their productivity(tree mahogany) which gives the returns to the farmers are maximized

  • This association over the period of years has developed into a long term relationship, wherein they have farmers who continue to be closely associated with them  from mahogany trees farming

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