Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up

Fishery Fish farming in India and other countries like US, Canada,China is a popular form of agriculture. if you properly research on the fish farming  and maintained fish farm you will get Awesome profit. in Latin word Fish farming known as ‘pisciculture’. this is the important sector contributing to agricultural exports. demand for fish as a food is increasing therefore most of the countries doing over fishing worldwide because of that  reduction of overall fish and to solve that problem new way to establishment of fish farms or aquaculture wherein fish is grown in man-made ponds or tanks. just think about globally 62% of the total fish supply comes from China.

if you are planning for commercial fish farming to make good profit obviously you need to have big research about process of fish farming- Don’t worry here i am going to cover most of the all topics of fishery business plan

before starting any business we should do market research and analysis and then understand the local market trend, type of fishes in demand, for exporting business you need to understand world wide market demand and their processing unit and later choose those fish species for farming depend on market demand ,climate conditions and maintenance point of view.

we can cover theoretical information of fish farming but question is from where we will get the practical knowledge –

Two way to get practical knowledge fisheries farming doing Government training

2. by visiting successfully fish farmer at their pond 

fisheries farming where you will get the complete knowledge of fish and water quality management,disease control,feeding system, Marketing and processing plans hatching fish from eggs and grow them to maturity level.

Advantages of Fish Farming in India

if we are talking about only INDIA 50-60% Indians consume fish as a part of their daily meals.looking at the demand and price for fish is high in the market,
since there are lots of water sources option in India like ponds,lakes,rivers,it is very easy to grow them in the farm. only growing fish in a farm is not the only way to do farming  apart from other types of farming like poultry, vegetables, animals, aquaculture is very popular.


How to Setup Fish Farming Ponds

Look at the specific requirements for fish pond.Before constructing a pond it is necessary to choose the right type of location since this is the key role to get the success.So we will see the exact requirement before digging

Fish Farming Business Plan- important Tips should be noticed in a Fish Farming Business Plan

  • Ground level should be little low and table plot , if its not flat then level the ground to meet the requirement
  • Position of pond and make provision to get the enough rain water this will minimize the headache to maintain water quality fresh.
  • Before digging, construct the fence in surrounding place to avoid accident during digging process
  • by looking at the all climate like winter and summer which will impact on fish health to avoid this depth of the pond should be between 9 to 14 ft, so that fish feel safe and find enough space to hide in depth during the hot and cold climate.
  • Before digging make sure that that place doesn’t went through gas,water,electric,sewage pipe line 
  • Another thing is big plants roots system should be take care of that in such way where it should stop them growing in the bottom of the ponds.
  • Choose those land where the soil must have water retention capacity, Loamy soil, clayey soil are best suited for pond construction ( To test the soil retention quality, squeeze handful of wet soil, if you see the shape of palm once you open the palm that soil is suitable for pond)

Pond Construction for Fish Farming in India

We will divide this in three part- Clearing area,digging, inside-outside construction

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up
This is how it should look like after complete setup fisheries farming -fish farming,biofloc fish farming,fish cultivation,fishing farming

Clearing Area

Cleared of undergrowth like tree roots and other stumps and the area within 10 meters of the pond that interfere with the pond development.

Digging pond

Gravels must not be contain more than 10%.pH level for water should be neutral, its change it  to acidic immediately remediate the water, if possible construct near natural water sources like river,water flows.but should not be over.

  • Pond must contain 10-25% of silt, 25-30% clay and 35-45% sand.
  • 20 cm thick layer mixture of sand and clay in  ratio 1:2 

Inside-Outside Care

Ponds should have sufficient quantity of water according to that inlets feeder can be constructed. inlets and outlets are nothing but flow of water. they are specially construct for add and remove water from ponds Inlets are basically  constructed at the top of the pond where outlets are at bottom of the pond.

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up
To keep water oxygenated fisheries farming – fish farming,biofloc fish farming,fish cultivation,fishing farming

Outlets has to be construct in such way when its necessary to want to remove for harvest the fish or drain out the stale/old water to replacing with freshwater to maintain the water quality.

Next filling the water in pond

Its depend on the size of Pond but remember the fish required oxygenated water to live healthy so its mandatory to setup running hose in to the water to generate oxygen and it should oxygenated 4-5 time in week and time duration should be at least 30-45 min 

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up
Once filled water in pond fisheries farming – fish farming,biofloc fish farming,fish cultivation,fishing farming

Welcoming fish into the Pond

Usually fishes don’t survive if they feel sudden changes in water temperature and pH level So while adding fishes into the pond first time always get the Pond water and put fishes in Small tank or bucket for at least 20-25 min that will help fishes to understand the new water pH level.once its done then slowly add the fishes in to the pond this will help to increase the survival rate and adjust the new environment so fast.

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up
Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up fisheries farming -fish farming,biofloc fish farming,fish cultivation,fishing farming

Shouldn’t add all of the fish in to the pond at a time, first add few of the fishes int the pond and wait for 1 month at least and observe their behavior if they looks happy and survive most of them then add rest of he other fishes, if not they need to find out the cause because fishes are very sensitive with water pH level if water not suitable for them they might died so always check reason and pH level

Types of Fish Farming Pond for their growth

We have to make different types of ponds based on their growth Like –

Nursery Pond :-

this is used for small type of spawns are raised in this pond until they reached a length of 3-4 cm. which can take 30-40 days

Hatchery Fishery Farm :-

Tiny, newly-born fish grow and start feeding them. since they are so small(fry) food can be easily reached to them we have to take care of that till they reached the size of 10-15 cm. this type of shies called as fingerlings.

Storing Pond :-

once the fingerlings are grown in this tank and reached marketable sized fish. they are ready to sale in market usually it takes around 9-10 months

Apart from this latest technique biofloc fish farming, Biofloc is a great Profitable Method of Fish Farming. now a days it is becoming  become very popular all around the world as it is alternative option for open pond fish farming. main thing is low cost way in toxic materials for the fish like Ammonia,Nitrite and Nitrate can be converted into their feed . The main reason of this technique is to recycle nutrients. 

Selecting the Fish Breed

Key role for choosing best fish breed is choosing the right type of breed depends on the type of water in the pond now the question is what kind of fishery business plan you want to do whether ornamental, freshwater or brackish water 

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up
Image source : gustawater – fisheries farming-fish farming,biofloc fish farming,fish cultivation,fishing farming

For example, carp type of fish like catfish, rohu fish,grass carp, catla, tune, shrimp,salmon,tilapia,cod etc. Some of the successful farmer kept 2-3 variety in single pond to utilized resources  and in ornamental fish, are barbs, loaches, Tetra,freshwater sharks,goldfish, danio etc. if you want to utilize the complete resources then I would recommend those fish who are live in 3 different manner like

1) bottom swimmer ,

2) middle swimmer, and

3) Topmost swimmer,

because middle & bottom swimmer fishes stay at the bottom middle level they don’t come up until and unless deficiency of oxygen and top Swimmer fishes don’t like to be stay bottom of the pond

Fish Farming Business plan | New start-up
fisheries farming-fish farming,biofloc fish farming,fish cultivation,fishing farming


Feeding the Fish

While feeding and caring in such way to maintain the water pH between 6 and 8 for growth. feed should have all type of essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, all vitamins ,fats and other minerals in equal quantities for their growth, and reproduction. additionally better if we can feed natural foods in the fish pond like zooplankton, phytoplankton, insect larvae, etc. for their Fast growth.

Fish Farm Maintenance ,Requirement/supplies  for fish farming business

it required fish feed fish feeder, Air pump, hitting and cooling system,filtering system,lighting equipment,predator control fence and water treatment product etc

Water Filtration System – Its main role to maintain the water quality where filtration removes the wasted from water and keep them clear

  • The 1st precaution in fish farm maintenance is to take care of  the water pH.
  • To prevent growth of pathogens occasionally treated with salt, potassium permanganate, etc. 
  • Occasional water changes to refresh the water quality

Fish farming in India is a profitable business

Two type of fish food

  1. Natural fish food

  • aquatic tiny insect
  • planktone
  • wolffia,pistia
  • Rotted part of animal parts
  • basal organics things
  • lemna and eichhornia
  • type of grasses such as para etc
  1. Supplementary fishing farming food

  • dried molasses 
  • green leaves of various vegetables
  • minerals and vitamins
  • fish meal
  • silk kit meal
  • kitchen leftover
  • refined pulse and wheat 
  • rice bran

Before Starting the business we could have gone through marketing plan fisheries farming market

  • Market trend about fishes
  • Individual local client
  • Department store like super market (Dmart,Reliance mart etc)
  • Restaurants and hotels

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