Best Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,Turmeric yield per acre

Best Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,Yield in 1 acre or Turmeric yield per acre

Introductions About turmeric:-

Cultivation of turmeric in India as know as king in Spice Farming and product as India as the proper Climate where Most of the all type of Spice farming can be result in successful.

Climate Requirement : –

this spice (turmeric) can be grow in temperature of 22°C – 35°C where Rain fall can be within the range between 1600 -2400 mm yearly

Soil Requirement:

its done required specific soil but its should not be hard and it should be well drained as this spice is root fruit hence water should not be stay for longer time. black sold and red soil is fine for this spice.

Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,Yield in 1 acre
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Different type of turmeric variety 

  • Suvarna
  • Suguna
  • Sudharshana,
  • Krishna,
  • Sugundham,Ranga,
  • Rasmi,
  • Roma,
  • Co1
  • BSR1
  • Erode
  • Salem
  • Pratibha
  • Kedaram

Potato Farming give you 2.5 to 3 Lac per acre

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if you are thinking abut any type of turmeric for planting, you will have start in the month of May -June before monsoon, before planting turmerics we have to make sure it required any kind of shade either its artificial or may be having surrounding trees like in boundaries or in between , this spice can be take in inter crop farming as well. we required mother split rhizomes for planting which can be treat before planting with 0.4% Dithane m-45 and 0.6 Malathion for at least 3040 min. prepare Hand made bed in row with space of 30 Cm x 30 Cm and 50 cm – 70 Cm between two row

turmeric plantation
turmeric cultivation , turmeric plantation,turmeric yield per acre, turmeric farming profit,turmeric production per acre,turmeric cultivation in india


Around the bed Soil need be loose while giving the fertilizer, most recommendation is NPK which can be applied in soil in ratio 60:16:16 KG per acre, also while planting we have to provide booster dose like potash and Phosphorus also nitrogen should be applied 15 KG in interval of 1 month ,2 month and 3 month after planting.


Mulching and weeding

As this crop planted in starting of monsoon there might be chance of weed around the bed and entire farm, so weekly mulching and weeding should be done for the fast growth and this should be done in interval of 1,2,3 month depending of the grass/weed growth so Weed control must be done.

Water requirement (irrigation)

Its depend on Soil for light soil it required 40-50 Liter and for heavy Soil required 15-25 liter of water.we Have to take care of during the rhizomes growing stage it might impact on growth off development of this spice.

Crops Protection 

Pest name is Shoot borer which can be protect or control by spraying malathion 0.2% in interval of 1 month from rainy season to End of December

Pest name is rhizomes scale which can be control by dipping the rhizomes quinaphose 0.2% two-three times before planting.

Type of Diseases

Leaf Blotch -:

scientific name is Taphrina maculans. i this scenario leave get turn into yellow also brown spots also visible on leaves To control this spray 0.3% Dithane M 45

Nematodes- :

scientifically know as Meloidogyne sp. to control this apply 1 KG for 1 acre 

Rhizomes Rot – :

knows as Pythium graminicolum, and in this leave can be turn into soft and water socked later it can damage to Control this rhizomes must be store at least for more than 35 min in 0.4% Dithane M45


Average Harvesting time of Turmeric is 6-8 month , it will ready to harvest after 8 months,Once it ready to harvest mostly it has to carefully lifted by hand and later cleaned of mud – Total production of green turmeric is around 8,000 kG per acre . later its decreased after dried, price of green and dried turmerics is different.

Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,Yield in 1 acre
Turmeric Cultivation | Turmerics Plant with flower ,turmeric yield per acre, turmeric farming profit,turmeric production per acre,turmeric cultivation,turmeric cultivation in india

How Turmeric Processed for turmeric yield per acre

turmeric cultivation in India, Process is divided in three part that is curing, Polishing and Coloring


Curing include the simple process boiling of fresh rhizomes and drying in the sun. before marketing of turmeric it has to be well cure

  • Processing of turmeric has to be done within three to four days after harvesting
  • After cleaned Rhizomes are boiled in copper or in traditional way with water just enough to soak them. 
  • Boiling should be done 40-70 min and stopped until the froth comes out
  • once cooked turmeric are taken out keep that in such way where water can be drained out.
  • Once it completely drained out keep turmeric for dried in the sun by spreading lightly thick layers on bamboo mat or similar material.


With Quality of turmeric polishing of outer surface is also important factor , it can be done by mechanical way or by hand processed


If you see dried turmerics has more attractive color as green turmerics which is the best part of this turmeric property for that most of the time it has be to gone through coloring process where the at the end of  last 15 min of polishing process water is added with combination of turmeric powder 1.5 kg, Alum 0.03 kg, castor seed oil 0.15 kg, concentrated hydrochloric acid 35 ml, Sodium bi-sulfate 25 g and later keep that for dry in sun.

Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,Yield in 1 acre
turmeric yield per acre, turmeric farming profit,turmeric production per acre,turmeric cultivation,turmeric cultivation in india

After knowing all about turmeric plant the 3rd last concept of agriculture was Current account technical where can get the production of turmeric in our 1 acre land which can be harvest within the 7-8 month with the next income of Rs.70 k-1 lac Per Acre, i know its not too much but at least we can cover the our rest of other expenses by doing this

Turmeric is grown from rhizomes, fleshy root like structures. our local supermarket and food store both have fresh rhizomes purchasable within the winter. Asian or Indian groceries also are likely to stock it, or could also be ready to order some for you. If you can’t find any locally, Jung Seed sells small potted plants, otherwise you can purchase fresh turmeric rhizomes from variety of sellers on Amazon or flipkart.  Select plump rhizomes with as many bumps (buds) along the edges as possible.

Planting small a goldenseal or rhizome

You will need planter for every seven to nine inches or a 13- to 15-inch pot of rhizome, and enough potting soil to fill it. Bu at the beginning of this, it’s more practical to sprout your rhizomes in smaller containers then transplant them into the larger containers once they started to grew up with couple of leaves.

  1. Cut your rhizomes or goldenseal into parts, with two or three buds on each place
  1. Fill up 5-inch pots halfway with nice quality potting soil.
  1. Put the rhizome part flat on the soil, and fill up with more potting soil.
  1. Water well
  1. Place the pots in the warmest where make sure that it should have 84 to 91 degrees is ideal for Sprouting at lower temperatures are going to be very slow and your rhizomes may even rot instead of sprout. You’ll make an excellent germination chamber with a hot pad or little desk lamp, a picnic cooler, and a thermometer. Otherwise you can purchase a little germination chamber for home use. Light or no light is ok at this stage.

You can also make your own turmeric powder. Place the freshly cleaned rhizomes during a pot and full of water, boil it very well and simmer until you’ll find easily cut them with a fork

Drain the cooked rhizomes, rub the skin off together with your fingers and dry them within the full sun exposure or a food dehydrator set around 140 degrees until they’re hard and break cleanly once you attempt to bend them. Grind dried rhizomes during a spice mill,  or mortar and pestle to form turmeric powder for cooking.


Lets calculate the turmeric cultivation Income from Our 1 acre land (turmeric farming profit)

Type of Cost for turmeric cultivation/turmeric plantation Rs
Cost of seed(rhizomes materials)    8500
manures & Fertilizer Cost    7000
Irrigation cost    1000
Protection of plant costs    1000
Boiling Cost    1500
Drying Cost    500
Polishing Cost    1000
Packaging and transportation    1000
Labor charges    10000
Total cost of Turmerics cultivation in 1 acre               31500
Assume Extra 15%               4725
Total cost of Turmerics cultivation in 1 acre           36225

The above cost include all from Land preparation to marketing which required RS. 36,225 ($ 510)

Turmerics was sold at average price of RS. 5,716 per quintal

So net income from 1 acre turmerics cultivation(25 quintal) is-

25 x 5716=1,42,900 –turmeric farming profit

 Rs. 1,42,900 Rs. 36225 = Rs .1,06,675 (Net Profit)

I hope you got clear picture about three way technique multiple cropping system, where in year we could earn up to 11 Lac ($15,500) by doing just black pepper farming on Australian teak and inter cropping of turmeric cultivation..if you want to go for vanilla orchid cultivation it’s good profit project if u gives dedicated time..

still we’ve fixed deposit that is Australian teak investment in 1 acre which we will get income after few years which is around 60 Lac 🙂

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