Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak

Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak

Black pepper Agriculture on Australian Teak, This topic we are going to cover the how we can do the Saving account Crops in agriculture and that crops are (Vine) Black Pepper. the last topic we were covered the first topic that is Fixed Deposit Farming system in agriculture, before starting Saving account Agriculture system we will have to understand about the spice information .apart from this there is alternative as well but you will have to give dedicated time for vanilla orchid cultivation..where u can get the profit from  20 lac to 60 lac

Introduction of black pepper

Black pepper is scientifically known as piper nigrum and it is one of the best and most famous Spices in vine crops it is also known as King of spice’s “health benefit” which originated in the Western Ghats of India. which is mainly grown in Kerala, Konkan, Pondecheri and Andaman-Nicobar, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, etc. also India is the most famous fr for the production of black pepper the reason India is in rank 1 for black pepper.

if we think about most production states in India then Kerala is the most producer of black pepper which is 90% of total production .blackpepper (spice)has a good demand outside if countries like the US,UK, CANADA,other Asian Countries and it is important due to the export demand

Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak
This is how column-based black pepper farming- Image Source Cambodia farm good idea turmeric and black pepper combination

Benefits of black pepper

The Health benefit of black pepper also makes the spice crop is more important as the Black paper has anti-biotics property, which improves digestion, stimulate the appetite and help in weight loss. some of the articles says it may prevent gastro diseases, bacterial infection relieves cough and cold also relieves from flu & helps to boost metabolism and skin treatment, pepper is good for dental health and skin-related cancer problems

If you think about cultivation state in India

– As i said India is the largest producer of black pepper their lots of states who produce the Blackpepper but most of 90% of fulfillment has been done by one state that is Kerala, apart from Kerala, Konkan, Pondecheri, and Andaman-Nicobar, Tamilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, etc. produced pepper.

This black pepper in India known as lots of names in a different state as you know in English -Black Pepper, Hindi-Kali mirch, Telugu-Miriyalu, Tamil-karuppa milagu, Kannada-Kari menasu, Malayalam-karutta kurumulagu, Gujarat-Mari, Bengali- Golmorich, Maharashtra- Kali Miri, Oriya- Kala MOricha. Punjabi- Kali Mirch


as we discussed what is black pepper and their little history let start with

Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak

  1. Different type of black pepper varieties
  2. climate Requirement
  3. Soil Requirement
  4. Propagation method
  5. Planting methods
  6. fertilizer Utilization
  7. irrigation System
  8. training about pruning weed control and pest and diseases
  9. Harvesting
  10. Marketing’
Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak
Black pepper planting in each column with shade – black pepper farming good idea turmeric and black pepper combination

1. Different type of black pepper varieties

  • Panniyur 1 – this variety yields around 1235 kg Per Hector
  • Panniyur 2 – this variety yields around 2675 kg Per Hector
  • Panniyur 3 – this variety yields around 1875 kg Per Hector
  • Panniyur 4 – this variety yields around 1250 kg Per Hector
  • Panniyur 5 – this variety yields around 1200 kg Per Hector
  • Sreekara – this variety yields around 2750 kg Per Hector
  • Subhakara – this variety yields around 24570 kg Per Hector,
  • Panchami – this variety yields around 2900 kg Per Hector
  • Pournami – this variety yields around 2400 kg Per Hector

2. Climate Requirement for black pepper farming

–  it required Humid climate condition and its best in tropical hot weather area, this spice vine required the support of any kind of big tree where their vine can climb upside, annual rail fall requirement is around 220 CM, lots of studies says temperature for most successful growth is between 15°C to 42°C and Above 1500 m sea level

3. Soil Requirement

– pepper can be Cultivated in any type of oil but the thing is you have to take care of it in starting phase of growth where the Soil pH value should be between 5 to 7 also we have to take care of the soil that should be well-drained and that’s better for growth and production

4. Propagation method for black pepper farming

– it’s dependent on the daily purpose or commercial if we think about our daily purpose it can be grown by seeds as well but obviously, it will take a long time, if we think about commercial then it should be using a cutting system where we can get the plant from the nursery where they propagate plant in such way by cutting the node from the main mother plant and keep that in a separate plastic bag or another small container between the moth of March to April and after 3-4 , the month they are ready to transplant in our farm

5. Planting methods for black pepper farming

Black pepper farming

– As you know this spice is Vine and it has a climbing nature because of this it required the support of either tree or any kind of artificial support like cement pole or hand made column system,

– Distance should be maintained between 2.5 to 3.5 m so that air circulation and the required amount of sunlight can be reached

-Pits of the size should be 1 ft*1 ft*2 ft deep by keeping the distance from pole or tree around 20 cm 30 cm, before monsoon start at least 2 plants should be in one single pit but not more than 3 while digging the pits make sure it has 2 feet deep before putting plant inside 1-foot pits should be fill up with organic fertilizer like the wormy post or cow dung so that it will help the plant to boost faster growth and put the plant and fill up with soil and, I would recommend that in starting phase make some kind of shade on the plant so that avoid direct sunlight on the plant.

Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak
This is how is look like after 3 years of black pepper farming- Image Source- Olam Farm turmeric and black pepper

6. Fertilizer Utilization in black pepper farming

  • the first recommendation is around 8-9 KG Well Cow Dung or compost should be applied per plant during the April month
  • slake lime 400 grans per plant should be applied once a year (Preferably in May month)
  • A combination of ammonium sulfate 400 gram, superphosphate 600 gram, and potash of 120 gram should be applied once a year per plant (Preferably in September month)
  • while applying this fertilizer  depth should minimum of 10 to 15 Cm and 25 cm distance from pole or tree

7. Irrigation System in black pepper farming

– Irrigation is important because over water can damage the plants as well so in the winter season irrigation should be happening in the rotation of every 1 week and in summer every after 2-3 days, stop irrigation in between Mansoon period and if possible try to mulch dry leaf or grass on it so that moisture should be maintained n soil in the summer season

8. Training about pruning weed control and pest and diseases | benefit of black pepper

– specifically black pepper farming training should be required as not on all tree pepper can be grown so need to learn about their supporting tree also weed control should be done which can be done in June and Sep-Oct month for better growth due to this soil quality will get increased to provide more nutrition to the black pepper plant.

for pests and diseases control lots of pesticides available in the market but remember this will decrease the quality of your pepper so try to utilize the organic pesticide, mostly we found the flea beetle and scale insect to prevent this you can spray 4-5 tablespoon of Dimecron 85 EC in one gallon with full of water in 15 days interval,

-this found the most diseases like slow wilt which can be treat by doing the drench the soil with 10-15 liter f solution of ceresan with a strength of 1 grm 1 litter water

Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak
black pepper – you can do turmeric and black pepper combination farming

-2nd disease will be quick wilt which also treats with a spray of blue copper 150 ML per 20-22 liter of water in intervals of 15 days

9.Harvesting in black pepper farming | black pepper plant

– best practice to harvest when one of the berries turn in to red color from one single cluster and they are ready to harvest, mostly berries are ready to harvest after 7 to 8 month. the full growth of black pepper will take a minimum of 2.5 to 3 years to take to mature and starting fruiting on them. professional farmer says harvesting start from November till march end. the best way is handpicked as fewer chances to damage the berries

10. Marketing for black pepper farming | turmeric and black pepper

-Yielding of Back pepper per vine is around 1.5 to 3.5 kg per year, and obviously, it depends on the variety of can sell this pepper while it is in green which is the cost per kg is around RS.180 KG OR you can sell dry pepper which can cost depend on quality and market around 300 to 500 KG

you might now get a clear idea on how we can farm this black pepper farming Since we have already Australian teak tree planted we no need to worry about support system only thing is you have to wait till 3 years to grow Australian teak. after that, you can start planting this in each of the teak trees by following the above process. once you have done this you have to take care of it for at least 2.5 to 3 years to get fully mature and they are ready to flower.

Now let’s assume we have done whatever is explained above and as per our multi-cropping system, we have already 1000 teak which was planted during the last article if you could think about income for doing black pepper farming

(Calculation based on 1 acre)

A Tree Spacing Calculator which gives you a number of trees per acre and spacing between trees and tree rows

Plant cost is 35-40 RS Per Stick so total RS. 40,000

fertilizer cost –  per acre  for the entire plant is 15,000

Labor charge – Rs. 10,000

Now Suppose your teak tree’s height is 20 feet and black pepper growth has been reached till the 15 feet in that case 10 gram each cluster- total 30 cluster in 1 ft =300 gram in 1 ft

300*15 ft height  =4.5 KG will be produced per plant, safer side let’s assumed it 4 kg for each plant

So 1000 tree * 4 KG = 4000 KG black pepper will be produced in 1 acre

Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak
Black pepper Farming on Australian Teak farmers profit per acre-turmeric and black pepper

So if you could think your Annually saving account will be 10,00,000 lac ($ 14,085) if you did pepper farming (agriculture) in this pattern you will surely earn from 8-9 Lac per year.

Again 3rd surprise is remained and will become in last agriculture technique like the Current account technique, which can easily get around 60 K to 1 Lac Income within 5-6 month interval the turmeric and black pepper combination.

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