Gir cow price | Gir cow milk | Profit from Gir cow milk

Gir cow price | Gir cow milk | Gir cow milk profit

Daily Cow Milk, Breed Profile, and Features:

Introduction of Gir cow:

Gir Cow knows as Gir Cow and Gyr Cattle, Gir cow is one of the Humped in India. It is considered unique in features compared to other breeds. The species is found in the Gir hills and forests of Kathiawar, including the districts of Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, and Amreli in Gujarat. The cow originated in Gujarat. It is very healthy and the milk is known as A2 milk. This breed is also known as Bhodali, Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawadi, Sorathi, and Surat in different parts of the reproductive tract. These types of breeds are known for their tolerance to stressful situations and various tropical diseases.

This variety is used for heavy pulling on all types of soil. Other countries such as Brazil, Mexico, the USA, and Venezuela have imported these animals where they are being successfully bred. Gir and Kankrej have evolved from centuries of farming efforts and many of the migrant communities in Gujarat farm. Rubber, Bharwad, Maldhari, and Charan. Most of the milk production in the state of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan is done by this breed,

Geo-graphical parameters of Gir:

The soil is moderately black, with temperatures ranging from 7.1 C to 46 C, humidity ranging from 21% to 82%, and annual rainfall in June-July-August up to a maximum of 470-1600 mm. Millets, sorghum, and wheat are grown in the area. The main pulses are gram and pigeon pea.

Gir cow price | Gir cow milk day | Gir cow milk price
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Main Features of Gir cow:


Red is the predominant color, with about 80% of animals having red on their bodies. Junagadh  Gir-Somnath district and its adjoining areas are common yellow to pale red in color. In Rajasthan districts and to some extent in Rajkot district, the number of Gir cows is red with white spots on the body. Gyr cow with full white coat color and red spots on the body are found near Kolhapur karvir area district. Completely white, black, and yellowish red colors are extremely rare in Gir cow. Males show darker shades than females.


The ears are folded like leaves, all the time and their inner face hangs forward. The length of the ears is the longest (about 30 cm) of all animal species. At the end of the ear, a notch appears, which is also a feature of the Gir breed. Depending on the size of the ear, different local terms like bhungadia, fafada, etc. (Maradia, 2014)

Gir cow price | Gir cow milk day | Gir cow milk price
gir cow price,gir cow,cow farm,indian cow,gir cow milk price,know as Gyr cattle


The horns of the cattle start from the base and curve downwards and backward from the sides and again bend slightly upwards and in a circular motion. Depending on the size of the horns, many local terms are used to describe Gir animals such as Machia, Muthia, Bhila, Patti, Kundha, Boda, and so on.

Head, and nose:

The head is huge, heavy, convex like a clay pot, which is very narrow under the eyes.

Face and Eyes

Gir’s face is usually long. However, some livestock owners prefer a smaller face. The eyes of these Gir cows are almond-shaped. It is desirable to take more distance between the eyes. Yellow eyes, as well as white eyes, are not desirable. Nose: Black nostrils are another characteristic feature of Gir.

Brisket, tails, and skin:

The brisket is large, but with thin skin. It is very soft and swings in appearance. It plays an important role in thermoregulation. The skin is loose, smooth, and shiny. The tail switch is clustered and the color is black. Some animals have long tails that touch ground level.

Daily cow’s milk:

Gir cows can get more than 11-13 liters of milk per day. ( is dependent on what quality food you are giving )


A vertical imaginary line from the midpoint of the hooves should meet the middle part of the upper crutch. Bend not bend. Because the eyelids cover almost half of the eye and the animal appears insomniac. Of all the native animals, the Gir cow is the largest.

Gir cow price:

Usually, the price of Gir cow ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh depending on milk production, age, lactation status, and pregnancy status. Usually, the price of a pregnant Gir cow is higher than that of a dry cow. The price of a healthy and young Gir bull is also in the same range as that of a cow.gir cow price in Maharashtra,gir cow price in Bhavnagar,gir cow price in Uttarakhand,gir cow price in Bihar,gir cow price in Gujrat,gir cow price in Rajasthan,gir cow price in Karnataka,gir cow price in Tamil are different in their state

Gir Conservation and Genetic Improvement Program:

Foreign breeds have crossed the GIR in the All India Coordinating Research Project (Cattle) for Genetic Improvement. The main objective of this mega project was to develop cross-breed strains suitable for the current environmental conditions. The Department of Animal Husbandry launched a genetic improvement program for these animals. Young Gir bulls are being tested for offspring under this program.

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has launched two projects on Gir cattle, one for breeding (NBAGR) by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources and the other (PDC) for genetic improvement on cattle.

Breed profile of Gir cow animals:

  • Purpose of Ir Gir breed – Mainly kept for milk production in India
  • Gir breed size – Big and heavy
  • gir cow price is slightly high for their milk quality
  • Gir cow weight – average bull approximately 545 kg, a cow about 5 385 kg
  • Gir Animals Weather Tolerance – All Climate Suitable
  • Gir skin color – The body color of the Gir cat is red and the spots are white. And their body color can also change from pure red to spectacles, yellowish red to white with large red spots.
  • Gir cow milk production – Healthy and Good quantity
  • Native Cow Country – India only

The pathetic truth fact of Gir Cow:

The Gir Cow breed is exported to Brazil and Africa for the global supply of improved breeds of cows for mass production of milk and meat. Cross BREED animals give more milk but are not easy to maintain because they suffer from the disease, cannot be used as a draft animal, and their lactation decreases with each generation.
Indigenous breeds, on the other hand, are completely modified in the Indian conditions, get high-fat milk, and can be used as draft cattle.

Gir is a native of Gujarat and Maharashtra, Rajasthan local trade should have been giving him milk to earn foreign currency. But so far Brazil Africa other Country does not seem to be doing much to improve. In South America today, about one million heads of this unique breed are known for their high milk production.

Gir cow price | Gir cow milk day | Gir cow milk price
gir cow price,gir cow, cow farm,Indian cow,gir cow milk price, know as Gyr cattle

Real Advantages of having Gir cow on a dairy farm:

  • Gir milk is considered to be of premium quality due to its milk production capacity and A-2 beta-casein protein content.
  • Gir cows are considered to be the largest dairy breed in India and now its spread across the other country as well.
  • The average life expectancy is high with low mortality (13 to 16 years)
  • The breeding rate of Gir breed is high and they produce 10 calves throughout their life therefore gir cow price is slightly high.
  • The price of milk in the market is high.
  • Low maintenance design is required for the rearing of Gir cows.
  • Gir breed averages 1, 1, per month. 0 kg milk is produced. During the first calf processing, 1600 to 1700 kg of milk is produced for dairy, but 1,800 to 2000 kg for dairy production for adult animals. Milk production is high.
  • Cattle cows are adapted to mechanical milking techniques.
  • Cow breeds show high resistance to diseases due to this their maintenance is low
  • Natural mating is preferred in rearing these animals over artificial insemination techniques.
  • The price of 1 liter of Gir milk varies from place to place because their A-2 grade milk Gir cow milk price is Rs. 80 to Rs. 110 per liter) and is relatively high as milk contains other protein

gir cow price is depending on area and production of milk per day if you want to buys or search more Gir cow price then you can visit Gir Cow price Bazar

How Much profit we can earn from gir cow milk

I have Assumed that we will setup gir cow farming in a 1024 SQft area which called 1 Guntha So according to that we can accommodate a total of 26 Cows per guntha or 1 10.24 sqft as below

  • 910 square feet required for 26 Cow/calf  =    30.16 ft X 30.16 ft = 1 Guntha (1024 sqft)
  • 875 square feet required for 25 Cow/calf  =    29.58 ft X 29.58 ft = 1 Guntha (1024 sqft)
  • 35 square feet required for 1 Cow/calf =    5.91 ft x 5.91 ft = 36 sqft

This is an estimated calculation based on a 1024 sqft area

Description ( Fixed Investment) Cost
Cost for the 18 Cows and 8 calf shed For 26 Animals @ 260 per Sqft( each Cow take 35 Sqft space) 35 Sqft *Rs 260= 9100 per cow So a total of 26 Animals required 9100*26= 236600
Cost of per gir cow average 100000 (gir cow price depends) 2600000
Transportation for each cow or calf when you buy Rs.1000 So total 26 Cows 26000
Machine to cut grass( Manual operated Chaff cutter) 11000
Other material required for daily for each cow 900 So for 26 cows *900 23400
small scale automation with electric equipment 15000
Fix investment cost 2912000
Daily- recurring Cost  
Food Cost for yearly 300000
MilK transportation 500000
Insurance for Animals (option depending on your choice) 5-6k per cow 130000
Medicine and other required vaccines etc 25000
Labor Charges 300000
Total Expenses 12,55,000
Total Overall cost required 4167000

Gir Cow Milk production (average): 10 liters/ day
Each cow produces an average of milk per day: 10 liters (18 cows: 180 liters)
gir cow milk price for 1 liter of milk: Rs 80-110 will take an average of RS.90

So Total gir cow milk price for 180 liters of milk per day: Rs. 16200 (180 ltr * 90)

Total income for one month: Rs. 4,86,000

(16200*30 days)

Annual income: Rs. 58,32,000 (486000*12 month)

Net profit for the first year from Gir cow farming is Rs. 16,65,000 ( Gross profit 58,32,000- Total cost Rs. 41,67,000)

After 2nd years if we exclude our fixed investment cost then Net profit will be = Rs. 45,77,000 ( Gross profit 58,32,000- Total cost Rs. 12,55,000)

Now see Even after price decreased by 50% for per litter i.e. Rs.45 from Rs. 90 then your 3rd-year profit would be Rs. 24,38,500. because to settle our fixed investment it will take one and half years

Both the price of cows and the price of milk have changed as these cows produce nutritious milk which can help people overcome health problems.

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