Successful farming – Yielding 188 crops in 1acre

Successful farming| Yielding 188 crops in 1acre

Self-sufficient Successful farming

Here we will discuss about Self-sufficient Successful agriculture farming | Yielding 188 crops in 1acre before that lets discuss about agriculture articles actual scenario, History is witness where the people are more utilizing the product which more harmful dangerous for health  we could see that this was started from the 2nd world war and after that its was so rapidly spared in that level around us as any of the product we consumed, we are not sure what kind of dangerous chemical pesticide used for that product. it really impacting on human life if you could look at the river pollution, air pollution, plastic pollution due to this decrease in the number of required important bacteria, fishes, birds and animals.

Idea Behind of this

As the population grew, so did the area under crop cultivation, which was increasing in proportion to the number of families. It became more and more difficult for the farmers to make their ends meet on a small farm/land. If we take more and more crops in the same field, we can overcome it and live happily, after looking at this situation Shri Adrushya Swamiji initiated and completed Indian cow based organic farming in Kolhapur district which is a completely Successful farming technique 

Due to excess using of dangerous chemical pesticide soil quality is degraded and now it became too fertile after using organic fertilizer which can produce Organic vegetables which is popular in Kolhapur as successful farming, Mumbai and Pune due to their taste and nutrition Siddhagiri math have gifted the unbelievable task of yielding over 188 crops in just 1acre land at Kaneri, Siddhagiri Math, Kolhapur.

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what is a tremendous unique concept

Shri Swamiji has given tremendous unique concept for this newly developed unique model of farming has given passion to small landowners/farmers.if the farmer follows and implements it in the correct manner or by their own interest he can convert the dependent farmer into a successfully self-sufficient independent Farmer instead of depending on or disappointed by insufficient rail fall or searching for any other jobs or labors to cultivate their own farm. This farm technique called a ‘Self-sufficient lakhapati ( Independent master of lac)  for self-sufficient and proud farmer families. if you could calculate after exclusion of family of 5-6 members expenses this experiment has proved that more than 1.5 lacs of rupees can be saved over the period of a year.

Self-sufficient Successful agriculture farming | Yielding 188 crops in 1acre
Successful farming

The Math organizes training camps for owner /farmers where they gave knowledge of the methods and techniques of organic farming.


Maintain the stock

To maintain the stock of Indian breeds seeds, math has arranged seed donation camps where the they planned only for educational groups and established community,educational programs, Non-profits, schools, community gardens in the country are mostly eligible to receive Siddhagiri seed donations.


There was lots of experiment going on Indian agriculture sector, including Uttar pradesh, Madhya pradhesh,bihar etc. agriculture in up and bihar also producing large number of experiment. Out of those experiment this was the fantastic experiment established for small scale farmer to live independently which was happening in Kaneri, Kolhapur math in Maharashtra. Siddhagiri Math (monastery), basically Kaneri, Kolhapur math (monastery) is an ancient 1400 year old spread across the 300 acres.

Here, under the guidance of “Param Pujya KaddSiddeshwar swamiJi” lots of experiments are being done on the development of the village which includes “Indian culture museum”  whereas showcasing Indian culture,which is visited by thousands of people every day. Apart from this, many amazing works has been done like a huge gaushala(Cow school), hospital, many Adarsh (ideal) ​​villages,ancient Shiva temple, 1 acre of Lakhpati farming, Kamadhenu temple, Gurukul, power generation from cow dung gas are being successfully done.

if the farmer cultivates properly from less land, he can earn millions, for this to get the training of self-sufficient farming technique is most important  One acre of Lakhpati farming is a special project of Kaneri Math. In this method, in one acre of land, a farmer’s family became not only independable, but also saves up to 1.5 lakh rupees in a year.we  we just have to buy only clothes, salt, slippers, soap and a box of sticks and be happy with such farming.

Self-sufficient Successful agriculture farming | Yielding 188 crops in 1acre
Successful farming

How Farmer can live their family independently as Self sufficient Farm Technique

Now let me tell you interesting thing how the single farmer can live their family independently as Self sufficient Farm Technique In one acre farmer can build one house, bathroom, toilet,kitchen garden, goat, sheep, poultry, sugarcane, soybean, stevia, marigold, aster, galata, various crops for fodder, vegetables, tubers, fruits, and cow dung gas plant is made for a family of 5-6 people to live, who have 2 cows, lives in it.

Cow dung and human excreta burn electricity with LPG and solar lights and if we could talk about the food around 50 varieties of vegetables,flowers, and spices are being grown in this land in rotation in a year-round cycle,after the analysis on entire water consumption Twenty thousand liters of water is used daily for the farm and house.if we cant manage the 20 K liter water we can manage this thing by doing drip irrigation manually by bamboo plant pipe

Here is the list of 188 crops are grown in Self-sufficient Farm

  • 20 types of fruits,

  • 13 types of Fruit vegetables,

  • 10 type of flowers

  • 7 type of fodder crops

  • 17 types of vine-seasonal vegetables,

  • 12 type of spices crops

  • 18 type of leafy -vegetables

  • 11 type of Medicinal plants

  • 16 type of tuber vegetabless 

  • 40 type of Other useful plants, crops, vines

  • 4 type of Grafted fruit

  • 20 type of cereals 

Self-sufficient Successful agriculture farming | Yielding 188 crops in 1acre
Successful farming farmers profit per acre

Cereals and sugarcane are also being grown in it. Farmers are earning around 80 thousand rupees in a year by planting about 8- 10 thousand sugarcane in 1/4(25%) acre of land apart from this Organic jaggery is made from sugarcane will get at a good price.also farmer family is selling Rs.400 to 500 excessive fruits and vegetables easily every day, In this way, farmers are selling fruits, greens and vegetables worth 1.2 lacs in a year. most of the time here in village(rural) area climate got changed seasonal basis so with the training, farmers can grow crops according to the climate of their region.

Swami Kad Siddheshwar of Kaneri Math(monastery) Kolhapur is trained the farmers under this concept Agriculture Technique. Lacs of farmers and other people come here every year to see the experiment and returning with inspiration to be successful self-sufficient Farmer

If you want to get in touch with Kaneri Math (monastery) please contact – Shri Kshetra Siddhargiri math, Gokul Shirgav MIDC Phata, Kaneri, Kolhapur – 416234 (India), Email [source-  Siddhagirimatham Org ] 


Basically this self-sufficient Agriculture farming Not only farming for income but also farming for the purpose of subsistence can be profitable.

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