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what is horticulture | horticulture meaning, Examples, Types, Course

what is horticulture

Horticulture | define horticulture, Examples, Types, and Course, What is horticulture? This is the most common question that comes to everyone’s mind if we start in agriculture.

let me tell you first what it means horticulture, this term horticulture comes from 2 Latin words here Hortus meaning “garden” and Cultura meaning “cultivation”. you can consider it as  “Garden Cultivation” like a Horticulture garden.

it is the part of agriculture with hardly cultivated plants for well quality after lots of observation by looking at the atmosphere and another required thing to grow this plants, it is also known as horticulture is the art and science involved where the plant made with our own requirement of production in the cultivation, propagation, processing, and marketing for a product such as ornamental plant, flowers vegetables, turf, fruits, and nuts.

what is horticulture | define horticulture, Examples, Types, Course
what is horticulture, define horticulture,  horticulture example

Horticulture processes plant production for both quality and beauty… it’s mainly focused on quality added, luxurious crops. whereas these horticultural crops consist of an important source of carbohydrates, organic acids, proteins, Vitamins, and minerals for human nutrition requirements this is what defines horticulture I would say.

What is the difference between agriculture and horticulture?

Horticulture is part of Agriculture if we could discuss a few more differences

  1. In Agriculture, you will get knowledge about how the cropping system works, and their cropping pattern like Rabi crops, Kharif crops, sustainable agriculture, what is the organic farming tools and how is going to be implemented
  2. In horticulture, you will get knowledge related to all types of horticulture crops, plantation crops, spices, floriculture, their disease management, and pests to complete a control system.
  3. The main Role of horticulture is only quality plant cultivation which plants that are not directly for human consumption whereas agriculture is associated with the cultivation of crops as well as animal farming.
  4. Horticulture is mainly implemented in smaller areas, small plots whereas agriculture can be done on large-scale land or plot.

Horticulture is defined as that sub-part of agriculture where the scientific study of horticulture is divided into the various part as below


Horticulture example

  • Pomology,
  • Olericulture,
  • Floriculture, and Ornamental Horticulture.


eans ‘cultivation’. It can be defined as a branch of horticulture,
Horticulture | define horticulture Examples Types Course, what is horticulture

Pomology The term comes from Latin words poma and logus. Poma means ‘fruit’ and logus means ‘study, which associated with the scientific study of fruit crops.


Horticulture | Definition, Examples, Types, Techniques to Uses
Horticulture | define horticulture Examples Types Course, what is horticulture

Olericulture The term is derived from Latin words olerus means ‘vegetables’ and cultura means “cultivation”. we can be defined it as a Sub- Part of horticulture, which deals with the scientific study of vegetable crops.


Horticulture | Definition, Examples, Types, Techniques to Uses
Horticulture | define horticulture Examples Types Course, what is horticulture

Floriculture The term floriculture is coming from the Latin words florus and cultura.  Florus means ‘flower’ and
cultura means “cultivation”. we can be defined as a part of horticulture.

Now if you would like to make a Career in BSc in Agriculture- you will get the knowledge of quite a bit of subject where what as agronomy, soil quality, PH level, horticulture, entomology, pathology, plant physiology, Economics of Agriculture, Agriculture Statistics, etc but in case if you would like to make Career in BSc in Horticulture (Diploma in horticulture) you will get the knowledge of part or type of Horticulture in detail with a related different type of horticulture farming only. Since horticulture is part of Agriculture. Agriculture consists cultivation of crops like animal husbandry, honey-farming, fish farming, poultry, etc.

Does agriculture include horticulture?

Yes as I said horticulture is a sub-part of agriculture growing plants that are used by people for food, for medicinal purposes, and for their own satisfaction

What are some horticulture examples?

Now let’s divide the Horticulture into their different type of sub-part

Plants for food  –>  ( Pomology and Olericulture) Pomology is associated with fruit and nut crops and Olericulture is associated with herbaceous plants for the kitchen, including vegetables, for example,  carrots, bit root,  asparagus, lettuce,  cauliflower,  tomato, and peas. 

Plants for ornament flowers  –> ( floriculture  & landscape horticulture ). Floriculture associated with flower farming and ornamental plants; cut flowers, greenery, and pot plants, Landscape horticulture is a wide category that including lawn turf but specifically nursery plants such as shrubs, trees, and vines plants for the landscape.

What are the most areas or types of horticulture?

Different types of horticulture are as below:

  1. Pomology: Production as well as the marketing of fruits.
  2. Olericulture: Includes the production as well as the marketing of vegetables
  3. Floriculture: Production and marketing of flower crops.
  4. Arboriculture: this includes Study and selection, planting, care, and pruning, of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other durable woody plants..
  5. Landscape horticulture: Production and their marketing, maintenance of landscape plants.
  6. Viticulture: Production with the marketing of grapes, black pepper other Veg/fruit which can be done virtually
Horticulture meaning | Definition Examples Types Techniques to Uses
Define horticulture Examples Types Course, what is horticulture

Which is the best agriculture or horticulture?  

Define horticulture 

well as I said above  define horticulture is part of agriculture only thing is different previously people are used to doing farming with the name agriculture and now after science involve into this agriculture and later it came up with horticulture which also includes different type of sub-part of horticulture which they separated into fruit, flower, vegetable spices gardening, etc such as Arboriculture, Landscape Horticulture, Olericulture, Pomology, Viticulture, Oenology,

Now the question is what the best is? My personal opinion is to define horticulture, as of today’s onward everything is upgraded with science and technology in the world and we all know that in worldwide quantity is increased but the main challenge we are facing is quality of the product  so today and going forward mostly observation is on quality of the product so its depend on your interest you can select sub-part of horticulture as your own business or agriculture business

Which agriculture course is best?

In India Indian institute of horticulture Agriculture, education has wide diversity and defines horticulture very well. most of the many universities come under ICAR(Indian Council of Agricultural Research) offering degrees in bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, etc, in Agriculture. there are other agricultural universities also offering degrees in Agriculture that do not come under ICAR So be care full before applying to a non-governmental ICAR registered Horticulture university. 

Here is the List of a Few (Horticulture)Agriculture COURSES:

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science,
  • B.sc in Agricultural Engineering,
  • B.sc in Agriculture,
  • B.sc in Agricultural Biotechnology,
  • B.sc in Horticulture degree,
  • B.sc in Agricultural Marketing,
  • B.sc in Forestry,
  • B.sc in Food Science and Nutrition,
  • B.sc in Community Science,
  • B.sc in Dairy Technology,
  • B.sc in Fishery science,

What you went learn about horticultural operations | horticulture meaning

We can have a little bit of explanation what is the topic you can learn in horticulture Operation, If the plant is growing with or without support, this need to observe the growth of the plant to put in the right shape this is called “training”  which consist three types of training where you can learn Central leader system, Open center system, Modified leader system after training 2nd most important part to learn is “Pruning” and this will be done once plant is fully ready to produce flower or fruits

This will impact on maintaining flowering, fruiting balance, removing infected branches and it will cause a large number of flowering or fruiting, 3rd topic you can learn “Staking”  where the comes in the crop which required support where fruit or veg did not touch to the ground and the last one is “Transplanting” there are lots of Horticulture courses are there you need to analyze it

  • Important horticultural crops and India’s growing region

  • horticulture example 

Horticulture meaning | Definition, Examples, Types, Course
what is horticulture define


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