Borewell cost for Agricultural, pump cost & Best setup

Borewell cost for agricultural, pump cost & setup Cost

Introduction to Borewells for Agricultural | borewell drilling cost

Let’s take a look at the details of borewell drilling costs and complete information on agricultural borewell setup.

Are you planning to drill a borewell on your Agriculture plot or farmland? Don’t worry, here you will get most of the all information about agricultural borewells. In many parts of India, water resources or water reserves are in trouble because the annual rainfall is not consistent and does not reach a good level. It is very difficult for you to get water for agricultural crops. In this case, we have an option to dig a borewell.

However, since it depends on geographical factors, we are not sure if we get water. If the Borewell spot is having near lakes or rivers, in such places chances of groundwater sources are likely to be available. Before going to the borewell you need to identify the points for drilling.

We will discuss more details in a step-by-step. Once you got water in borewells, it is recommended to use drip irrigation bore water for your crops more effectively.

The point need to keep in mind Before going for Boreweel drilling

  • Don’t do digging too deep, because it will cost you a lot.
  • Get permission from the agriculture office if needed( most of the forest area)
  • Do not dig a borewell near the existing borewell.
  • Stop water leakage on the ground.
  • Keep checking for borewell leaks and water levels.
  • Do not start the motor when you find low water levels as this can cause the motor to burn.
  • Make sure you have an electrician to work with any type of wiring or fuse.
  • If you don’t find water much then, don’t keep that open. Turn them off immediately with Stone and Soil.

Requirement before doing the Borewell | borewell price

If you are planning for multiple bores like 4-5 bores in your plot, you need to make arrangements of a 25 kV transformer to balanced the loads of up to 5 Motors. You need to make arrangements for this transformer before to start digging the actual borewell. The Local electricians will install the transformer with 2 or 3 phase connectivity as per your instructions.

Borewell cost for Agricultural, pump cost & setup
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Identify or detect Borewell Points:

To detect bore points, you must hire a certified geologist or any other local professional which has experience in geologist water detection. Mostly the average cost per acre is around Rs. 500. Once you hire him, they will Come up with their equipment and survey the whole land spot with their equipment.


If you ask him to survey 5 acres to identify borewell points, they probably charge based on 1 acre or Guntha. based on their area measurement they will charge like for 5 acres Area they will charge 2,500 to only detect the Borewell point, they will Guide or provide complete level information such as depth and water level to digging Including they will Mark the 4 to 5 points with the water level. these Points are depending on the area which you have to give them to identify or survey.

People are who stayed in the local village they will probably give their estimation of water points, but this sometimes may not work, this is really recommended if you are looking for water in a commercial way for big agriculture plan as it required information about water level hence giving the water point is not important but how much water level is their inside that also more important.

I have seen in most of the villages people try the coconut trick, even in my village also but it is work 100%. Therefore go for professional geologists one they identified the point, you should plan for your digging and mark those points with any of the things like keeping big stone or keep bamboo stick just for your reference.

Price for borewell drilling or Borewell cost

After fixing or marking the borewell points, find a borewell drilling machine. The borewell cost of drilling may vary by region and depending on the price of diesel may also vary. Here is the average cost of digging a borewell you can assume.

  • Minimum 100 feet: Rs. 65 to 85 per feet
  • Above 100 feet & less than 200 feet: Rs 90 to 105 per feet (again this is the average price which I have seen in my area (Maharashtra Kokan) you can search with your vendor)
  • Above 200 feet:  RS. 110 to 120 depending on how dept it is.

However, you can negotiate prices with the borewell owner. In addition, you will have to pay for the casing. the casing is required depending on the soil type especially for loose soils. for the first be 22 to 45 feet casing cover is required. The required length of casing depends on the type of soil. Casing usually costs around Rs 180-190 per foot. If it required the casing 35 feet deeply then the price is Something around: 35 feet x 180 rupees = Rs.6,300. this will only charge if you get water at that spot

If you do not get water at that particular Spot, they can remove the casing cover and charge you half the price of Rs.3,150. we are recommending to check with the borewell vendor this thing before the agreement finalized the borewell cost if they can charge half of the price for casing cover in case of unavailability of water

Borewell cost for Agricultural, pump cost & setup
borewell cost, borewell price, borewell drilling cost, borewell, Cost of borewell

We will now calculate the AVERAGE cost of digging a borewell for 200 feet depth.

Note: The below borewell cost is only for digging, no other equipment will be provided in this cost

Minimum 100 feet: Rs. 65 to 85 per feet
Above 100 feet & less than 200 feet: Rs 90 to 105 per feet
Above 200 feet:  RS. 110 to 120
220 feet Borewell Cost
borewell Cost
first 100 feet-                                     Rs. 65 / ft = 100 x 65 =  Rs. 6,500
From 100 feet to 200 feet-                RS. 90 / ft = 100 x 90 =   Rs.9,000
Above 200 feet –                               RS. 110 / ft = 20 x 110 =  Rs.2,200
Along with 35 feet casing:                35 feet x Rs.180 =   Rs. 6,300
Worker Tip (optional)  Rs. 1,000
Total Borewell Cost (drilling only) Rs. 25,000

Sandalwood Farming Cost and Profit – Earn In Crore After 10-12 years

Popular and branded Equipment for borewell

it all depends on your budget. But we recommend buying a branded pump set so that you do not have frequent other electrical and mechanical problems. You can refer to branded submersible pumps in India.

  • Kirloskar
  • Texmo
  • Crompton
  • CRI

Details Equipment required for borewell drilling cost

  1. Starter(Switch On/OFF) box
  2. Branded submersible motor pump
  3. For every 25 feet required Bore pipes 
  4. Setup Cable wire from the motor to the switch on/OFF box
    Setup Cable wire from the main light/electricity pole to the switch on/OFF box
  5. Valve
  6. small other misc materials

Let’s Calculate the Total cost of borewell | borewell drilling price per feet

The total borewell cost of 220 feet borewell which includes borewell digging cost and equipment costs like Transformer, Borewell digging cost for depth: 220 feet and branded Kirloskar Submersible Pump.

 Type of equipment cost Equipment cost
Kirloskar Submersible Pumpset 6HP Rs.27, 000.
Branded Taxmo Starter Box Rs.2,200.
Cable wire for 220 feet from the motor to starter box Rs.7,200.
Bore pipes (25 feet each), for 220 feet, it required 180 feet depth, So total 7 pipes required. So the price for pipes is 7 x 700  Rs.4,900.
The wire from the electric pole to the starter box Rs.2,500.
Valve and other Misc materials: Rs.1,500.
Electrician and any other labor charges Rs.1,500.
Borewell Cost For Drilling Rs.25, 000.
TOTAL Borewell COST for entire Borewell Setup Rs.71, 800.

TOTAL COST for the entire Borewell Setup is Rs. 71,800.

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