Borewell Cost | Borewell drilling price per feet | 2023

4.5 inch borewell cost | cost of Borewell per foot | borewell price

The borewell aims to use a high-quality range of 4.5 ” per foot borewell drilling to ensure that customers get a good product out of it. We understand the needs of the customers and analyze the geographical location and we ourselves recommend drilling the borewells per foot for a reasonable rate for the customers and give an explanation about the borewell drilling process. Inch for the general purpose of borewell drilling. inch is used for commercial and economical purposes.

  • Minimum 100 feet: Rs. 65 to 85 per feet | borewell drilling price
  • Above 100 feet & less than 200 feet: Rs 90 to 105 per feet (again this is the average price which I have seen in my area (Maharashtra Kokan) you can search with your vendor)
  • Above 200 feet:  RS. 110 to 120 depending on how dept it is.
4.5 inch borewell cost | borewell cost per feet
4.5 inch borewell price, borewell per feet, borewell drilling cost for house, borewell drilling cost,

 Borewell price for Agricultural, pump cost & Best setup 

We will now calculate the AVERAGE cost of digging a borewell for 200 feet in depth.| borewell drilling cost for house

Note: The below borewell price is only for digging, no other equipment will be provided in this cost

Minimum 100 feet: Rs. 65 to 85 per feet
Above 100 feet & less than 200 feet: Rs 90 to 105 per feet
Above 200 feet:  RS. 110 to 120
220 feet Cost of Borewell
Cost of borewell
first 100 feet-                                     Rs. 65 / ft = 100 x 65 =  Rs. 6,500
From 100 feet to 200 feet-                RS. 90 / ft = 100 x 90 =   Rs.9,000
Above 200 feet –                               RS. 110 / ft = 20 x 110 =  Rs.2,200
Along with 35 feet casing:                35 feet x Rs.180 =   Rs. 6,300
Worker Tip (optional)  Rs. 1,000
Total Cost of Borewell (drilling only) Rs. 25,000

4.5-inch borewell Price | borewell cost per feet

The total borewell drilling cost for the house of 220 feet borewell includes borewell digging cost and equipment cost like Transformer, Borewell digging cost for depth: 220 feet and branded Kirloskar Submersible Pump.

 Type of equipment cost Equipment cost
Kirloskar Submersible Pumpset 6HP Rs.27, 000.
Branded Taxmo Starter Box Rs.2,200.
Cable wire for 220 feet from the motor to starter box Rs.7,200.
Bore pipes (25 feet each), for 220 feet, it required 180 feet depth, So total 7 pipes required. So the price for pipes is 7 x 700  Rs.4,900.
The wire from the electric pole to the starter box Rs.2,500.
Valve and other Misc materials: Rs.1,500.
Electrician and any other labor charges Rs.1,500.
Cost of Borewell For Drilling Rs.25, 000.
TOTAL COST of Borewell for entire Borewell Setup Rs.71, 800.

TOTAL COST for the entire Borewell Setup is Rs. 71,800.

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