Turmeric yield per acre | Growing turmeric for profit

Turmeric yield per acre | Growing turmeric for profit

we will calculate the turmeric cultivation Income from Our 1-acre land (Turmeric yield per acre)

Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,Yield in 1 acre
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Type of Cost for turmeric cultivation/turmeric production per acre Rs.
Cost of seed(rhizomes materials)    8600
manures & Fertilizer Cost    7100
Irrigation cost    1100
Protection of plant costs    1100
Boiling Cost    1600
Drying Cost    600
Polishing Cost    1100
Packaging and transportation    1100
Labor charges    10000
The total cost of Turmerics cultivation in 1 acre               32300
Assume Extra 15%               4925
The total cost of Turmerics cultivation in 1 acre           37225

The above cost includes all from Land preparation to marketing which required RS. 37,225 ($ 520)

Growing turmeric for profit | turmeric farming profit | turmeric yield per acre profit

Turmerics was sold at an average price of RS. 6,500 per quintal

So-net income from 1-acre turmerics cultivation(25-30 quintals) is-

28 x 6500=1,82,000 –turmeric farming profit

 Rs. 1,82,000 – Rs. 37225 = Rs .1,44,775 (Net Profit)

Turmeric yield per acre profit is Rs Rs .1,44,775 (Net Profit)


I hope you got a clear picture about the three-way technique multiple cropping systems, wherein year we could earn up to 11 Lac ($15,500) by doing just black pepper farming on Australian teak and intercropping of turmeric cultivation..if you want to go for vanilla orchid cultivation it’s a good profit project if u give dedicated time..

Best Turmeric Cultivation Info, Income,

still, we’ve fixed a deposit that is an  Australian teak investment in 1 acre  which we will get an income after few years which is around 60 Lac 🙂

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