Groundnut – Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanuts

Groundnut: What are the Best 10 groundnut Benefits and Side Effects of Eating Peanuts?

Most people don’t know what groundnuts it is known as Peanuts is and pignut. Groundnuts are one of the best sources of protein if you are searching for a protein source in the veg category. As groundnut (peanut) has lots of vitamins like contains magnesium, vitamin E, folate, copper, and arginine. Experts say that peanuts can even be more useful reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and weight loss. Additionally, skins will get a sufficient amount of high content of dietary fiber and natural antioxidants. Most of the time it is recommended to have groundnuts in our diet in the winter season which is very beneficial for our health

Groundnut - Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut
Groundnut – Best 10 groundnut benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut,groundnuts benefits and side effects

Here you See Peanuts Nutrition value

Nutrition value per 100 grams of raw peanuts: groundnuts benefits and side effects

Example of  raw peanuts Nutrition value for per 100 grams
Type of Nutrition Value 
Sugar 4.8 grams
fiber 8.4 grams
Proteins 26 grams
Fat 48.5 grams
Saturated fats 6.5grams
Monounsaturated fats 24.6grams
polyunsaturated fats 15.8 grams
Carbs 16.3 grams
Calories 570
Water 7-8%
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium  17.28 mg   
Potassium  649 mg
Vitamin B1  0.8mg
Vitamin B2  0.19mg
Niacin  16.8mg
Vitamin B6  0.45mg
Folate  347mcg
Calcium  131.5mg
Iron  6.5mg
Magnesium  241.5 mg
Phosphorus  543

Benefits of Groundnut or Groundnut benefits

Let’s have look at the more groundnut benefits of Groundnut Or Peanuts

Groundnut - Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut
Ground nut – groundnut benefits; Side Effects of Eating Peanut,groundnuts benefits and side effects

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We, Will, start with their most important nutrients that are proteins groundnuts benefits and side effects

10 Reasons to Love groundnuts or Peanuts

Groundnuts help to Boosts Hair Growth

After lots of studies and expert research that as peanuts contain most of all types of amino acids & protein, which is actually good nutrients supplement into WEEKLY a diet for hair growth. as hairs and nail required a sufficient amount of proteins for their growth, reduction of proteins in daily diet might cause the hair problem or other health issue


Groundnuts Stimulate Heart Health

US researchers and Survey it has been observed that people who eat groundnuts daily were far fewer chances to die of heart stroke or their disease. And most importantly is along with Peanuts other nuts can also help to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Because having an unhealthy diet can increase bad cholesterol which can increase of chances plaque development on the blood vessels & where groundnuts or peanuts can help to prevent this.

An antioxidant (phytoalexin) present in groundnuts helps fight heart problems also reduces the inflammation that can cause heart disease.

Peanuts Boosts Memory

Due to Ample amount of vitamin B3 or niacin content in peanuts there many health benefits to boosting memory power which help for normal brain functioning as well.

Groundnut Promotes Fertility

Same it has been observed that during the Survey and studies have proved that women who had a regular consumption of 300-350 micrograms of folic acid before and during early pregnancy reduced by up to 70 percent chances of risk of having a baby born with very a serious neural tube defect

Groundnuts Helps in Weight Loss

Groundnut in your daily diet is the best way to enhance sweetness & nutrient intake without causing weight gain.

Peanuts or ground nut are known as energy-booster foods. If you take them in daily morning breakfast or evening snack then it will help you to maintain calories in your body later in the day. As compared to consuming ground nut with a meal, ground nut stimulated stronger feelings of fresh when you can eat during the snack time it helps to maintain your daily diet during lunch and dinner. This will indirectly help with weight loss.

Groundnuts Prevents Gallstones

Gallstones are hard deposits of bile that can form in your gallbladder. Bile is a digestive fluid produced in your liver and stored in your gallbladder.

Gallstones are developed because of an imbalance in the chemical make-up of bile digestive fluid inside the gallbladder. In most of cases levels of cholesterol in bile become increased and if the increase of cholesterol forms into stones. Sometimes Gallstones are known as very common.

Occasionally Consumption of peanuts or ground nut also helps to a lowered risk of gallstones. Researchers say having 5 grams of groundnuts or any nuts in a weekly had a low risk or chance of gallstone disease.

Ground nut helps to Fight Depression

Basically, depression comes in human behaviors because of a decrease in the amount of serotonin chemicals released from the nerve cells in the brain. You might saw moody people nearby you, the reason behind this is one of the important brain chemicals which make the main role of mood regulation.

Groundnut - Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut
Groundnut – Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut,groundnuts benefits and side effects

So indirectly we need to increase production of serotonin in our body and for that ground, nut plays the key role as Ground nut are very good sources of tryptophan, which is an essential known as the amino acid that is important for the production of serotonin When an increase in Tryptophan cause increase serotonin’s antidepressant effects when there is an increased amount of serotonin in the blood it helps to fight depression.

Ground nuts help for Child’s Growth:

Since it has a very good amount of source of protein, groundnuts help in child digestion, boost metabolic activity, contribute to stronger bones and help to build muscles therefore always have some roasted or boiled peanuts in the snack box of your child, for healthy bones and muscles.

Groundnut help to Skin Glow:

Groundnut having an antioxidant present in these pulses prevents excess production of sebum oil which helps to breakouts of acne and pimples. In survey also proved that Regular consumption of ground nut provides a vibrant glow to the skin. Along with this additional benefit of vitamin E and vitamin C aid in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines, to avoid signs of aging.

Groundnuts help to Prevents Cancer:

Peanuts are a high source of beta-sitosterol, which supports in prevention of tumors in the human body. Beta-sitosterol blocks the growth of tumors, especially in the case of breast cancers. Researcher’s studies say that the risk of cancer reduced by up to 58% in people where people are eating peanuts at least twice a week in form of soaked or roasted.

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The most important and interesting thing about groundnuts:

Not only peanuts provide you health benefits but also Peanut oil and fat-free peanut flour which easily available on market. in survey and studies, to considerably lower cholesterol which helps to have heart-protective effects.

Groundnut - Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut
Groundnut – Best 10 groundnut Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut,groundnuts benefits and side effects

Side Effects of Peanuts or ground nuts | groundnuts benefits and side effects

As you all are know everything we should take in the daily routine diet has some limit therefore while consumption of peanuts make sure it should not take in excess amount as it can be harmful to the body. So consumption of peanuts should take depend on suits on the body as some people might have allergic to peanuts.

Most people asking is ground nuts good for ladies?

It’s not an issue neither it has been proved that it’s not good. When postmenopausal women having high cholesterol were served a low-fat diet in daily consumption where included healthy fats like peanuts, the peanuts contain phytosterols which help to reduce cholesterol.

Suggested best way to have Peanuts or groundnut in your daily diet

Note- everything has a limit so consume in a balance way by having different dietary food

  • Refer internet for peanuts recipes to enjoy this healthy nut in your breakfast.
  • fried or roasted or raw nuts and the best way to eat it on daily basis is in form of a combination of veg salad to a balanced diet
  • In Market peanut butter available in different brands with different flavors. You can prefer that as well
  • Peanut butter contains good potassium and enough protein that help to lower the risk of high blood pressure, stroke & heart disease.
  • Peanut butter also has fiber for healthy fats, magnesium Vitamin E & antioxidants, to make your bones & muscles strong.

What Is Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil?

Cold –Pressed Oil is nothing but oils are made without chemicals or heat, the process is traditional mechanical.  Cold-pressed ground nut oil typically priced at Rs 280 in several regions in-country is extracted in the traditional way.

The traditional way means it is also known as “Kachi Ghani Tel in Hindi”, additionally this oil release good flavor and gives extra taste to the variety of dishes.

Process of oil extraction

Groundnut - Best 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut
Ground nut – Best 10 groundnut benefits & Side Effects of Eating Peanut,groundnuts benefits and side effects

cold-pressed groundnut oil is extracted by simply crushing the peanuts and extract the oil out.  Depend on the use of oil in term of maybe for commercial purpose or Home purpose the size of Wooden machines varies, small sizes for home purpose and bigger size for commercial purpose. Ground nuts get placed in a hole of the wooden machine with a rotating mixer. The rotating mixer crushes the ground nuts completely till the oil is fully extracted and it has been collected into a container or any pot.

The cold-press main benefit is the while extracting the oil, it doesn’t get heated in the process, hence there is no loss for oils nutrition.

Groundnut Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oil:

Good Source Of Vitamin E:

One of the most important benefits is that a teaspoon of cold-pressed ground nut oil Covers 11 percent of vitamin E. It has various compounds present in the oil that perform the role of antioxidants which helps to safeguard the body from the harm caused due to free radicals. It also avoids the risk of cataracts and gives good vision.

Boost Growth And Development:

Fatty acids Omega – 6 is a type of polyunsaturated fats that contribute to the body’s development, stronger bones, and muscle buildup. Therefore Regular intake of cold-pressed oil helps to boost brain function and reducing irritation


Ground nut or peanuts are a good source of protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and antioxidant also has required fats and cholesterol-free this is groundnut benefits

In India, It is one of the popular cold-pressed cooking oils and has been a primary in Indian food for many decades.

Groundnuts can be easily consumed as raw, soaked, and roasted and is combined into various dishes

May of says that groundnuts are harmful to the heart, many doctors are now suggesting to include it in your daily diet (not chemical oil -its Cold-press oil). However, eat it in balance to secure all its groundnuts benefits and side effects

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