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Mahogany tree price– Plantation, Contract Farming with Income

Today they will discuss more Mahogany trees plantation and their contract farming system in other there are lots of other companies are there which provided the contact farming but today they will discuss one company which basically aim to gain farmers as their company and this company has found other ways how a farmer can get more benefits from this contract farming

The company name is SSL agro Ltd  and Chaturveda Pvt ltd

What is the Company think About Farmers? mahogany contract farming

SSL Agro offered into contract farming of commercial forestry crops (mahogany trees) almost five years and a half ago. They had modest beginnings with a few of farmers, after past years they made significant efforts strides in this field. At present they have a very large number of farmers cultivating furniture plants in thousands of acres in different states.

They established a unique contract mahogany trees cultivation model as below where their farmer’s friends are considered as their partners.

  • Concentrate on latest technical knowledge to improve their productivity(tree mahogany) which gives the returns to the farmers are maximized

  • This association over the period of years has developed in to a long term relationship, wherein they have farmers who continue to be closely associated with them  from mahogany trees farming

  • It has been also thinking about what extra benefit farmers will get apart from mahogany tree price

They developed contract farming in such a way where they got information about the permission of the state government after getting all the guidance from them then they started working in it for last more than five years

mahogany tree price – Contract Farming Plantation with Income
Mahogany Trees – Plantation, Contract Farming with Income -mahogany tree price,mahogany contract farming

Everyone trying to know mahogany tree price but before explaining this Let me tell you how they began


They started to first contracted to supply this to those who have a permanent demand for timber and then now they are telling the farmer to plant it now so that the farmer will know what will be the benefit in it, he knows in advance where to sell it so there is no question of where to do it.

They will guide how the land should be planted mahogany trees and then they did it on the mahogany trees plantation or they wanted to plant it then the market reached the farmers that you should cultivate this way, what do they tell the farmer to keep you for a period of twelve years with Farmer can also do inter-cropping. Benefit to farmers is the method of work.

mahogany tree price – Contract Farming Plantation with Income
5 years Old Mahogany tree – mahogany tree price, mahogany tree plantation,mahogany contract farming

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Discussion with Farmers

They will tell you. The first representative comes to you. Representative. After I inform you, if you are ready, then our representative will get you. It will come to your field in three months and it will see if your mahogany trees is growing properly. mahogany trees growth you now have modern methods in which what you have done but from which the height of the tree mahogany is measured is a company.

In today’s market no one is doing this work. The first three years of what they do as they go on this journey are to bring you the fertilizer from the market. It takes you 19-19 -19 at most. Nutrition labels are normal. The only ones that are available in the market are the ones that cost only ten thousand rupees.

The most important thing is to give water and fertilizer if you look at it, you have to plant it every time. Once planted, there is no reason for you to plant it again for twelve years. Then at three, they will be able to guide you to the end. The company has a requirement of nine thousand five hundreds of units of furniture from different states.

After Mahogany Cultivation what Next?

After completion of cultivation in India, the company asks them how much demand they have. They asked the farmer about the demand. Now it is seven years since the planting. You have so much wood ready. What they do is take you further. They talk to you on the phone. They tell you that this is the mahogany tree price today. All you need now is the permission of the tehsildar’s office whatever has legal issues.

mahogany tree price – Contract Farming Plantation with Income
Mahogany Trees – Plantation, Contract Farming with Income,mahogany tree price,mahogany contract farming

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What are the legal Issues

These are some of the legal issues that require the permission of the tehsildar’s office Do you want to sell? You said YES. Now, this procedure has just happened. Now you have to put it down on paper. You need permission with it. Then you need the permission of the tehsil office.

The company will complete everything on time from the beginning. It is necessary to record it in Satbara, which means that what crop you have planted in your field is recorded from that Satbara, if you have written the name of the tree in that Satbara, and then only you are allowed to cut down that tree. All you have to do is bring the company permission and do the next process to break it. you can also discuss with Company regarding mahogany tree price before Contract farming or agreement.

Payment system

Now it’s time to break it down. After breaking it, you said that after agreeing to this rate, you have to accept the company 30% advance, say 30% advance per acre. When it is done, it will be measured and its number will be entered what is the size of this number? What is the length? , all are being discussed with you and f you said ok, So you signed it. You will be paid 30 percent here again. It will be started in your field.

How to do it within 60 days after the start of transportation. What did the company do by studying what it should get? They discussed with other companies that buy all these timber companies. You have to give us an advance.

They will give it to the farmer. The company was ready, What did the company that formed the company say now that after three years of your cultivation, you don’t have to wait for the last 40 per cent of the advance of Rs 50,000 per acre per year for ten years? For the money, he gets paid every year in stages but after three years now after completion of three years he will get Rs.50, 000.

What are the extra Benefits

During the time of this mahogany trees farming they found out what a carbon credit is. What a co2 carbon tree does is what it stores. What they call a carbon credit is a carbon credit. They decided to pay you. Normal work has been going on since 1996. What can be beneficial is that the only part of understanding the farmers is that the company has made LED projectors. Where is the farmer’s land? Where is the land planted? Show them what the location is? Where is the land? Guides you through the process of mahogany trees plantation

You will say what is the benefit of the company in this? What is the benefit of the company in this? You are going to earn income. In most cases, the company will pay you. At that time, you want to return 14% of the amount to the company. The agreement will be reported to the District Superintendent of Agriculture in Maharashtra

Mahogany Tree - Plantation, Growth, Price, Uses, Income
This is the specialty of this mahogany wood reddish-brown timber- mahogany tree price in cu ft , Mahogany Tree, mahogany tree plantation, Mahogany,Swietenia macrophylla

The solution can be given to him by the District Superintendent of Agriculture. Within a day, the organization will give you an order to compensate you for your loss. Both can be harmed. The farmer will be harmed. He can also be harmed based on the law.

It will also cost five hundred rupees to register the contract. In addition to the farmer’s name, ₹ 2000 will not be paid to the company at the beginning for this they have made a different method available to the farmer without any charge. Or the company doesn’t sell you any product, which means they have been available in the market for many years.

What will be the benefit of increasing the thickness and color of the city in it? You will be able to produce more from it and the product will benefit as much as it is. Search and then take the money. One can get maximum money by producing and you will be understand the exact mahogany tree price

Market in India for mahogany tree plantation

Now, if you think about the market in India, it is about 153 cubic meters. India is listed as number two country in the world for mahogany trees. It has to be converted into money. So we are importing a market of crores of rupees and 90 per cent of it, and meeting the domestic demand for timber, we get another benefit. It will help in maintaining the balance of the variety so that there is no loss from the farmer for doing mahogany tree plantation.

mahogany tree price – Contract Farming Plantation with Income
5 years Old Mahogany tree – mahogany tree price, mahogany tree planatation,mahogany contract farming

There will be benefit from the environment. There will be benefit from the land where there is grass or land where there is nothing, and the land will be used in different ways. After getting information, contact our representative and start planting. If it is to be planted first, it is done by the farmers first. The farmers should also take care. It is too big. The rest are good in most cases.


After that, the Maharashtra government gets Rs. If 500 mahogany trees are caught in one acre, then a huge amount of Rs. 2 lakh 57 thousand can be obtained from the mahogany trees cultivation of the farmers. Contact the Gram Panchayat and file it in the Range Forest Officer. Here are some of the next steps. As a company representative, we will follow up on how to get the best subsidy to the farmer.

They are every state channel partner who will guide you to the farmer about the cultivation and then give you the complete guidance. The company operates in Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra with a private limited company in Hyderabad

Mahogany tree price

A Tree Spacing Calculator which gives you number of trees per acre and spacing between trees and tree rows

Mahogany tree price in india depend on demand and supply in different state and for what purpose. because most of he place are having different mahogany tree price which is not worth to do farming.

if you would like to know mahogany tree price here is ( but it may vary slightly depending on demand)

So if you could think on this you will be in profit of Rs. 89,00,000 lac               ($ 117,100)

mahogany tree price in cu ft = 18 cu.ft. per tree x Rs. 500/-per cu.ft=Rs 9000 x 1000 trees. – 90.00 Lacs 

Summary of mahogany tree price 1 acre (Income)
Total tree 1,000
Per tree Production in Cu. Ft. wood 18 cu. ft,
Total Production of 1000 plants in Cu. Ft. wood 18,000 cu. ft
Rs. 500/-per cu.ft  X 18000( mahogany tree price in cu ft) Rs.90,00,000

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Please note *- this is an research what we have done and we would request you to analysis from your end as well with above company as we are not responsible for any other or financial loss so requested you to check mahogany tree price in your respective state before farming.

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