Mahogany Tree Price After 10 years | Per Cubic Feet Price

Mahogany Tree Price After 10 years | mahogany tree selling price in India

Harvest, Yield, and income

We have seen that the highest growth has been recorded in mahogany plantation conditions in Bihar and Nepal. Where after 10 years of age the height was 75 feet and the diameter 0.95 feet

If we could assume it at the age of 10 years of Mahogany average diameter is 0.95 Ft and height is 75 ft.

Approximately 1200-1500 saplings can be planted in an area of ​​1 acre making the production of stem timber 32000 cu ft in length.

Under the best management system, we can assume that a maximum of 18 million feet of timber has been produced in 10 years with a maximum of 1500 trees per acre.

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This is the specialty f this mahogany wood reddish brown wood

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Yield after 10-12 years, 1000 plants return
The mahogany tree price after 10 years and mahogany tree price after 15 years has a lot of different in earning


A tree spacing calculator that gives you the number of trees per acre and the distance between trees and tree rows

Let us now assume that we have fulfilled what we have stated on the price of the mahogany tree (the price of the honey mahogany tree.)

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(1 acre based calculation)

The price per plant is 25-30 Rs while the total Rs. 30,000 for 1000 plants

Fertilizer cost – Rs. 20,000

Labor Fee – Rs. 20,000

Other expenses – Rs. 30,000

Suppose your mahogany is 20 feet high and 1 foot wide and 1 foot if the length is long, a total of 20 feet cubic feet of wood will be produced (we will take the minimum product which is 18 C cubic feet per plant).

Mahogany Tree Price After 10 years | Per Cubic Feet Price
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Type of expenses (mahogany tree price after 10 years)mahogany tree price after 10 years
1 acre (Income)
Total tree 1,000
Per tree Production in Cu. Ft. wood 18 cu. ft,
Total Production of 1000 plants in Cu. Ft. wood 18,000 cu. ft
Rs. 500/-per cu.ft  X 18000(mahogany tree price in cu ft) Rs.90,00,000
Expenses Deduction  
Plant cost Rs. 30,000
fertilizer cost Rs.20,000
labor charge Rs.20,000
other misc exp Rs.30,000
Net Income Rs.89,00,000

If you can think of this, you will get Rs. 89,00,000 lakhs ( $ 118246) mahogany tree profit per acre

The price of a mahogany tree is cu ft = 18 cu ft. Rs. 500 / -per cu ft = RS. 9000 per plant x 1000 plants. – 90.00 lakhs

Please note: The expected production of 10 year old mahogany is more than 25 cu ft so we have taken the above calculations at a minimum. For the purpose of calculation, we have taken 18 cu ft. Also, the price of mahogany wood is Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per cubic foot. Only for the safe side, we have taken the minimum rate i.e. Rs. 500 per cubic foot.

Market to Sell Mahogany wood

  1. You can directly contact your local timber mart and discuss
  2. Online Portal is there as below, you can register and mention all details availability of mahogany wood

Online Portal to export within India

Sell your Mahogany wood by registering on these sites

Export India



Extra Benefits part from Mahogany wood | mahogany tree price after 10 years

While planting this mahogany tree, he learned what a carbon credit is. It stores what a CO2 carbon tree does. What they call carbon credit is a carbon credit. They decided to pay you. 1 General work has been going on since 1996. The only part of understanding farmer benefits is that the company made LED projectors. Where is the farmer’s land? Where is the land planted? Show them what the location is? Where is the land? Guides the mahogany tree planting process

What do you think is the company’s advantage? What is the benefit to the company? You are about to start earning money. In most cases, the company will pay you. At that point, you want to return 14% to the company. This agreement will be communicated to the District Superintendent of Agriculture, Maharashtra

Mahogany Tree Price – This is a feature of this mahogany-colored reddish-brown wood mahogany tree and every long term fixed deposit farming we will have to wait for a long time like mahogany tree price after 10 years will depend on the current market demand

The settlement can be given to them through the District Agriculture Superintendent. In a day, the organization will order you to pay your damages. Both can be injured. The farmer will suffer. It can also be harmed by the law.

It will also cost five hundred rupees to register the contract. In addition to the farmer’s name, the company will not initially receive 2,000. For this, they have provided a different method to the farmers without any charge. Or the company does not sell you any products, which means they have been available in the market for many years.

What is the benefit of increasing the thickness and color of the city? You will be able to produce more from it and the product will benefit as much as it will. Find and then take the money. One can make maximum money by producing and you will know the exact price of mahogany tree

mahogany tree price after 10 years might be change as market demand is increasing so current market price is we assumed is  Rs. 500 / -per cu ft but mahogany tree price after 10 years it might reached to Rs. 1000 per cu ft.


Thereafter, Rs. If 500 mahogany trees are caught per acre, Rs. Farmers can get Rs. 2 lakh 57 thousand from mahogany tree planting. Contact the Gram Panchayat and submit it to the Range Forest Officer. Here are the next few steps. As a representative of the company, we will follow up on how to get the best subsidy to the farmer.