Australian teak plantation,Make Super profits,land,budget,fertilizer

Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer

Today we are going to explore few Interesting trick or you can say its investment plan in agro forestry where we can learn how to do agriculture in such way where we can earn in three different way “fixed deposit” “Current Account” and “Saving account” now the first question you might think about are we going too do accounting ? off course not.since i am commerce student i would like you to implement my strategy in agriculture where we can get the income like in these three different way.

in most of the country agriculture is common but let me explain this thing in Indian way and earn Super profit on Agriculture by simply investing in Australian teak plantation projects.which is key point of this project later slowly i am going to explain three way i will try to explain in simple way.

Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer
Australian teak plantation

Requirement of this project

Now let jump on the requirement of this project ( All this calculation is just based on 1 acre(43560 sq ft) ) farmers profit per acre

this is know as drought species which can easily survive shortages in the water supply areas. Design of this Australian teak leaf is curved and lightly thin because of this sunlight reaches to the all over the land partially which is really helps us for doing inter crop as 2nd level of farming in this forestry agriculture project (Australian teak plantation)


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What are the three way for agriculture

  • Fix deposit

lets discuss each of the category 

Fixed Deposit- 

in this category we can think about long term goal like after 10-20 year investment which we can do it in our agriculture by planting teak wood or other multiple idea are there to get long time profit, here in our project our Fixed Deposit plan is “Australian Teak wood planting” which can obvious gives you assured income around 10,000% or more , yes right ! you read correctly by simply investing ₹ 40 K ($567) to get ₹ 40-60 L ( $56,340) per acre

Current account –

This category we can think about crops those we can can take it 2-3 time in year like turmeric, different type of vegetable and fruits, where we can harvest in at least 2 times in year

Saving account :

This category you all are know where every farmer is doing his traditional farming as seasonal farming like wheat, rice, corn, Sugar care, etc those crops where we can get the crops production after 1 year r once in year to get the income.

Coming to the fixed deposit plan as you all are know that the demand for residential  & official furniture has reached its peak level and as the day by day increase in urban development trees are being cut down, Since the demand of and supply in high so there has been a necessity to plant trees which yield best timbers to serve this purposes. While there are other alternative plants that stand up in this regard, I would like to recommend the Australian teak plantation awesome because I have personally wanted to invest in such small project with 1000 of this plant in my own land under a professional horticulturist’s guidance.

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This plant species comes under enabling storage of nitrogen-rich material which is absorbs Nitrogen and fixes it in the soil to increase the fertility of the soil. Scientifically known as  “Nitrogen fixation” also Scientific name is “MANGIUM”. It also prevents pollution. This teak wood from Australia is widely famous plant which used in ship building, making furnishing products like doors, tables , cabinets etc. for home or offices which provide stronger and longer durability and fine beauty and craft works.

Area and land requirement for Australian teak wood plantation

To grow an Australian teak wood project, you need an open agriculture or agro forestry land and an annual rainfall of around 1400-2400 mm with 20 to 40 degree Celsius temperature is required. if you want to know how many plants you can grow in your available lands space. “1 Acre of lands will grow 1000 Australian teak plants.” according to the most of all professional teak wood harvesters, now you can calculate how many plants will be sufficient for you to grow Australian teak plantation.

Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer
Australian teak plantation

while planting teak wood plant we have to make sure at least mutual distance of 6 or 7 ft from other plants in all directions. you can look at the picture given above to understand better planting

what kind of Fertilizers to be used in Australian teak plantation

we are gone used three different type of fertilizer which is best to grow Australian teak in starting phase

Since i am locating at India as per Indian soil the following three fertility ingredients from the any of company which are widely used for the purpose. 

1. Ormacomin Doc Based Organic Manure : Australian teak plantation

In all cultivated Agricultural crops/Lawns and forest plantations/Horticultural or Floricultural crops this is the best quality fertilizer used  which is having Soils with low carbon content and wide C:N ratio. Low organic type soils containing less than 2% carbon, this supply Supplements Organic matter in soil , Increases water holding capacity, maintain PH fluctuations, Prevents leaching of Primary nutrients

Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer
Image – Australian teak plantation

This COMPOSITION Contains:
1. Neem,mahua,karanj De-oiled cakes
2. Fish meal
3. Horn meal
4. Hoof meal
5. Bone dust

This bags comes with 50 KG, 25 KG, 10 KG, 10 kg bags price all over India is ₹ 300 we are using 1 acre of land for this project it required 50 KB Ormacomin to apply in the soil before plantation. ( see the above picture of Ormacomin bags of 10kg)

2. Super Zyme for Australian teak plantation

  • This fertile is the most vital property to growth of the teak plants till their adult or maturity level. Its granular bio-extracts and manures fertilizer are to be applied after 1st quarter from your date of plantation.again its depend on your soil quality If your soil naturally good enough to grow the plants fast, then this is optional for you or you can optimized or utilize this fertilizer in small level of consumption.
Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer
Image Source: – Australian teak plantation
  • 10 kg bag of Super Zyme organic soil essentials costs ₹ 650/- all over India.

3. Urea for Australian teak plantation

This is known as king in fertilizer as it mostly applied with Ormacomin for additional growth booster for the Australian teak trees.1 acre of land, both Ormacomin and Urea will be required 50 kg each. It mainly helps in increase the growth speed of the small plants and hence it is very less chances of being eaten by other animals like cow ,goats. please make sure that Ormacomin and Urea has to be applied in the ratio of 1:1 to make the soil good enough to grow plants faster.

Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer
Image Source : – Australian teak plantation

Now lets calculate  Australian teak wood project budget

I am from India so all calculation based on India Rupees,  If you are from India, then the rates might be vary according to place when compared to other states. and outside India, i would recommend you to contact your local authorized dealer. 

Forestry In India, if you look at the online price of 1 Australian baby plant = ₹ 40 to ₹45 its depend, if you are giving the contract to directly company then this per plant cost include digging of planting spot, labor charges,transportation ,fertilizers watering, maintenance of plant in case if any damage, some of the vendor give insurance up to 1 or 2  year from the date of plantation So,

if single or multiple plants die due to several reasons like disease or dried ,you will be eligible for replacement plants free of this case you will free from taking care of the plantation growth as it will be done by their team. if you are planning to buy 1000 plants for 1 acre of lands, you will have to pay = ₹ 45,000 ($ 635 ) for 1K Baby Plants.

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As per Australian Center (ACIAR) of Australia teak trees will grow up to a height of 100 fts (30 mtrs) with a stem or trunk of 1.5 fts (45 cms) diameters in 12 years. you might got idea about how fast trees grow.if you wan you can also sell in period between 5 to 6 years with 50% incomes. 

How long it will take to harvest and get guaranteed amount of profit
Through Australian teak wood plantation how much can I earn ? Here is the basic calculation ( as per Indian Rs)

Invested in total 1000 plant (which include all of the above charges)

A Tree Spacing Calculator which gives you number of trees per acre and spacing between trees and tree rows

Per plant = ₹ 45.00 = 1000*45 = ₹ 45,000 ($ 635)

after 10 or 12 years Depending upon the length width ,size and quality wood
Price for sale for complete mature tree varies from minimum ₹ 1500 ($22) to max ₹ 12,000 ($170) per cubic feet

Now lets assume our per plant gives minimum Height ,length width as below then how much cubit feet wood we can get it from one tree

Height=20 ft ,length and width=0.5 ft then total 5 cubit feet per tree

Make Super profits by investing in Australian teak plantation: Agriculture land,budget,fertilizer
Australian teak plantation – Example of Cubic feet

Example : 1 tree gives a minimum 5 CUBIC Ft and per cubic feet price we can take as low 1000 then here is the Australian teak income you could get it from 1000 plants

5 Cubic feet * 1000 tree= 5000 cubic feet wood produced

5000 Cubic ft *  ₹ 1000( price for 1 cubic feet) =  ₹ 50,00 000 INR

Actual Percentage of profit more than  =10,000% (in 12 years) not even Mutual fund or Shares or bank will give you this number of profit (jokes a part) Indirectly investment of ₹ 45,000 for 1000 plants in 1 acre of lands will easily earn a profit of ₹ 50 to 60 lacs (average) in 12 years.

So, as per above representational calculation, you might get clear idea that Australian teak farming is much better than investing in long term fixed deposit in any bank or other such policies ,Shares, Mutual funds etc. isn’t it?

This is the first part of Agriculture which we discussed as Fixed deposit project, stay tuned where we will explain how we can earn by multi-crop system within the same land that is next power plan is current account and saving account agriculture.

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Please comment your ideas ,suggestions or queries

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