Blue Spirulina | 10 Health Benefits of Spirulina,Side Effects

Top 10 Health Benefits of Spirulina | blue spirulina

Blue Spirulina is a blue-green algae. Basically, it grows in lakes, ponds, and alkaline waterways. It’s generally grown in Africa and Mexico. Spirulina is a kind of blue-green algae that raises in both salt and fresh water. usually small plants in lakes or in ponds that grow in or near water and don’t have to grow in ordinary greeneries or roots.

In fact, it’s not really just an algae, it’s also known as cyanobacteria, which is loaded with various nutrients and antioxidants that may beneficial for your body and brain. Normally dried spirulina or its powder used as a source of food, because it gives minerals, vitamins, and protein to our Body.

In Fact, There are the majority of the people in this world, don’t recognize that about this but it’s just a tremendous probiotic that gives tremendous benefit to us that is good for our digestive system. So let’s see the Excellent benefit of spirulina.

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The Health Benefits of Spirulina or spirulina benefits

1.High in Nutritiants:

As scientific research, there are various nutrients found in Spirulina. In the Market, it basically comes as a green tablet or powder. If you take One tbsp of spirulina, it contains calories 19-20, 3gms of carbohydrates, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, Vitamin A & Vitamin k, iron, magnesium, and potassium. One more thing here is important that scientific research also says that not all spirulina has given the same Portion of advantage.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Spirulina,Side Effects | blue Spirulina
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One tablespoon of blue spirulina powder contains:

  1. Calories: 21
  2. Protein: 4.2 grams
  3. Fat: 1 gram
  4. Carbohydrates: 2 grams
  5. Fiber: 0 grams
  6. Sugar: 0 grams
  7. Spirulina is a good source of:
    • Thiamine ( vitamin B1)
    • Riboflavin ( vitamin B2)
    • Niacin ( vitamin B3)
    • Copper
    • Iron
    • magnesium.

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2. Boosting Immunity System:

Spirulina is also known for its plenty of b vitamins which can increase energy levels. It covers a compound called phycocyanin, an antioxidant that fights off anything that could cause harm to your body. Whereas Spirulina’s antioxidant content makes it more beneficial in falling exercise-induced oxidation which leads to muscle fatigue and inability to gain muscle.

If someone seems to be sick or it feels like a cold or it’s coming on around you and if spirulina added to their diet, it boosts your immune cells and protects you from any health issues. This allows you to improve your workout level which will enable you to burn more fat. In research, Spirulina’s include blue pigment C-phycocyanin and its polysaccharides which increase of white blood cells, the cells of the immune system to your body.

3. Improves weight loss:

Generally, people eat low calories foods if they won’t lose weight. Spirulina is a low calorie and high-nutrient food, that contains a lot of nutrition and a good source of vitamins in a small portion of powder. Protein contain highly consumed in water which is it can be highly absorbed by your body different from other protein-rich food sources such as eggs, soybean, milk, chicken meat, etc.

Spirulina contains about 51-72% (4gms) protein. If you take 1 tbsp spirulina powder half an hour before your meal it will help you to feel less hungry, you will feel fuller for longer and less likely to overindulge.

In the Research, people who were overweight, showed the result of improvement as they regularly ate spirulina in their diet for 2 months.

4. Blue spirulina powder Fight Allergies:

Sometimes what happened, any environmental factor like dust, some type of fragrance, pollen, grass, dog hair is putting your allergies into overdrive and your health issue being started so spirulina what to do, it can fight into action.

Certainly, an earlier published study of people with allergic rhinitis searched, in there are most beneficial consumption factors, spirulina is the most important consumption factor. And their improvement also comes in that they fight against symptoms like nasal discharge, sneezing, congestion, and itching.
There some evidence that two grams of spirulina powder in a day keep your eyes clear and nose from running and itching.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Spirulina,Side Effects | blue Spirulina
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5.  Blue spirulina powder Protects “Bad” Cholesterol From Oxidation

Cholesterol is an unhealthful fat in a person’s blood that may affect to direct to heart and create a health issue related to heart disease. Spirulina is the best option to help to lower cholesterol levels.

In 2016-17 systematic review and Trusted Source suggests that taking spirulina supplements may have a positive impact on blood lipids, which are fats in the blood. In the study, spirulina may help to reduce total cholesterol and lower LDL “bad” cholesterol while increasing HDL “good” cholesterol. Spirulina holds some capacity for lipid disorders such as high cholesterol or high triglycerides so the possibility is that it may recover early.

Researchers suggested that consuming two grams of spirulina powder in the water every day, it may reduce cholesterol and result will show after 2-3 month.

6. Blue spirulina powder Help to reduce blood Pressure:

One more important fact is that Spirulina helps to maintain blood pressure levels in the human body. It raises the production of nitric oxide, a gas molecule that may help expand blood vessels. spirulina contain antioxidant, that directly affect the work from blood pressure, which they maintain the blood flow more easily and the heart doesn’t have to work as hard. So one more proof of eating spirulina in our diet to reduced the blood pressure level.

8. Blue spirulina powder helps to skin structure:

Spirulina is the best ayurvedic algae that help to glow skin. It removes dark circles and maintains the skin structure. It helps to increase the age of skin as we look young. Spirulina contains various vitamins and Nutritiants which help to recover the damaged skin.

9. Flushing out toxins from the body:

As discussed above, spirulina also supports the body in flushing out toxins. Spirulina may drag with heavy metals in the body and help to remove them. we must know one thing that there are many places in the world, most of the people are affected by poisoning from contaminated drinking water and other sources of pollutants. during this time, spirulina can help us as spirulina is a good kind of powerful detoxifier which it’s sometimes used as a natural water filter, mercury, keeping out lead, and other extremely harmful toxins.

It specifically, decent at binding to the toxins and removing them out of the body because it contains proteins, nutrition, and peptides.

10. Blue spirulina powder Develops Muscle Strength in the body:

Spirulina performs super well, as some researchers found that it pointed to improved muscle strength and endurance. It may provide multiple exercise benefits, including enhanced endurance and improved muscle strength.
Certain plant foods that can help participants and physically active individuals minimize this damage because it have antioxidant properties and spirulina is one of in this plant food.

Main side effects – It may effects

Although there are some side effects associated with the use of spirulina, taking spirulina can cause headaches, allergic reactions, muscle aches, sweating, and insomnia in some cases. People who are allergic to seafood, seaweed and other seafood should avoid spirulina.

It is possible that spirulina grown in the forest can absorb toxins from the water, such as microcysts (known to cause serious damage to the liver), pollutants and heavy metals. Most spirulina sold in the United States are grown in laboratories.

Spirulina is not suitable for you if you have a thyroid condition, an autoimmune disorder, gout, kidney stones, phenylketonuria, or if you are pregnant or nursing. You should check with your family doctor before taking it.

As with all supplements, it is important to consult your healthcare provider before using Spirulina to see if it is right for you and whether it can be taken in even after your previous medicine already in use or you are taking other medicine